10 things to help Bridge the Gap between HIP HOP DANCES in the scene: By Mr. Wiggles (RSC)

In continuation of yesterday’s “What is Hiphop Dance”, Mr. Wiggles added 10 effective ways we can change things for the better. Pointing out a problem is always a start, giving out solutions is how you change things for the better:

1. Always include BBOYS/BGIRLS in HIP HOP CAMPS and FESTIVALS (and not just for Top Rock)

2. Promote the BREAKING Category as BREAKING (Hip Hop) in all International Battles. So that Kids won’t grow up thinking Breaking is not HIP HOP. unsure emoticon

3. Stop Sayng BBOYING as a Battle Catagory. Unless it is a strictly a category for BOYS (which I think is absurd as it is)

4. TOP ROCK is NOT a dance style, IT IS BREAKING!!!!

5. Again THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A F&CKIN TOP ROCKER! (a so called)Top Rocker is a BBOY/BGIRL!

6. HIP HOP BATTLES Should allow BREAKING so long as they also know foundations of HIP HOP PARTY DANCES of the 80’s.

7. STOP Allowing FULL POPPING in HIP HOP BATTLES if your not gonna let BBOYS/BGIRLS enter with full on Breaking.

8. Remember HIP HOP MUSIC is BREAK BEATS, RAP (and also Electro Funk) Not just RAP.

9. Include BREAKING in all HIP HOP CHOREO (and I mean actual Breaking on the FLOOR not just Threads, Tricks, Flips and Caperia poses)

10. TEACH the History of HIP HOP Culture/Dance in all Classes. Knowledge is the 5th Element. So Teachers should always end the class with knowledge of the Culture of Hip Hop. And that includes all the basic dances of HIP HOP. Blessings…

Thanks again Mr. Wiggles!

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  1. Maximus Beebop says:

    Just Glad to see WIgz still Dropping Gemz to the kids. That includes some Adults. Exito a todos. Laterz

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