This past Sunday, June 26th, the Pro Breaking Tour made its 13th official stop of the year. The tour hit Boston MA. for United Styles 12 (part of the Floorlords 34th Year Ann). It was the 1st time of the year the tour made a stop in Bean Town and it turned out to be one of the best tour stops of the year.

United Styles 12 took place in the beautiful Hard Rock Cafe Boston venue. The sound, lighting, flooring, records and music memorabilia on the walls gave the event a very special feeling. The event featured a 3 vs 3 competition for 3 plane tickets to Los Angeles California and a guaranteed spot at Freestyle Session World Finals + $1,500.00. 2nd place got $750 with 3rd/4th place taking $450 per crew. The judges Box One(360 Flava), Adverse(KHCA) and Wicked (Phaze II) didn’t have it easy. The talent was world class as the event had bboys from all over the world including the current world champion Victor(MF/Squadron).

Some of the crews representing were: Dynamic Rockers, Beast Coast, 5 Crew Dynasty, X – Feinz, Street Masters, MF Kids, United Outkast and Wolf Pack to name a few. The event also featured 2 expo battles: Pop – Street Masters vs Dux-M – Raw Dominicans. The 2nd battle featured Divine vs Bboy Thriller.
DJ’s for the night included 2 of my personal favorite DJ’s. DJ Fleg (LOZ) and none other than Floorlords own Lean Rock (Horsepower Crew) along with DJ Razor Cut. As it always is when great DJ’s are on the wheels of steal, the vibe is always real. Good cyphers and vibes are always on point at all Floorlords events.

In total 40+ crews came out to represent with the TOP 16 chosen to battle.

• Beast vs Problems Kru = Beast Coast wins
• Del Fuego vs Outlaw Boogie Brothers = Del Fuego wins
• X – Masters vs United Outkast = X – Masters win
• Ready to Rock vsX – Feinz = Ready to Rock wins

• True Aggression vs Sweet Characterz = True Aggression wins
• 5 Crew Dynasty vs All City Rockers = 5 Crew Dynasty wins
• Dynamic vs The Elusives = Dynamic wins
• MF Kids vs Raw Tribe = MF Kids win

Thanks to Bboy Network, all battles are available online!
All TOP 16 battles available HERE

This is when things really started to heat up!

• Beast Coast vs Del Fuego = Beast Coast wins
• X – Masters vs United Ready to Rock = X – Masters win

• True Aggression vs 5 Crew Dynasty = 5 Crew Dynasty wins
• Dynamic vs MF Kids = Dynamic wins

All TOP 8 battles available HERE

Another great thing about the event was the 2 expo battles taking place. 2 up and coming USA bboys vs 2 established Dominican Republic bboys looking to make a name in the USA.

Pop – Street Masters vs Dux-M – Raw Dominicans

Divine vs Thriller

For the semis, we leave you with the battles:

Beast Coast vs X-Masters

Dynamic vs 5 Crew Dynasty

THE FINALS: New York vs New York Finals!!

Dynamic vs Beast Coast

Congrats to Beast Coast on a great victory!!

Shout outs to Leno, Pookie, Lean Rock and the rest of Floorlords on a great anniversary!
All pictures by the one and only @KienQuanPhotagraphy

Next up on the Pro Breaking Tour: Style Elements Ann. – San Jose CA
FB Event page HERE

Follow the PRO BREAKING TOUR at: www.udeftour.org/full-schedule

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