Rock Harder III X Freestyle Session Canada Recap.

Sunday April 9th, the Pro Breaking Tour made its 9th official stop of the 2017 calendar year. This time the tour went north of the border for the 1st time in 2017. The stop? Toronto Canada. The jam? Rock Harder III X Freestyle Session Canada hosted by none other than Toronto’s own UBL.

RH3 X FSS Canada featured 2 vs 2 breaking battle for $1,000.00(1st place) $500.00(2nd place) with 3rd and 4th place taking $200.00 respectively. The event also featured a 1 vs 1 battle with 1st place taking $300.00 cash, a trip to Undisputed in Los Angeles California and the beautiful UBL Championship belt. The event brought out Canada’s finest and for that reason it featured top DJ’s and Judges. The DJ’s at the event were none other than Mr. Fantastic himself, RSC’s own Skeme Richards and representing for the home town, DJ M4RS. And the judges? Check out the world class panel:
• El Nino – Floorlords
• Mounir – Vagabonds
• Canada legend Benzo – Bag of Trix.

With RH3 X FSS Canada being one of the best jams in Toronto plus the dope line up of dj’s/judges and the prizes involved, it was a safe bet the best Canada crews would be representing. And they did. Sweet Technique (Montreal) Styles Corrupt (Montreal) Eastern Bloc (Halifax) Ground Illusionz (Toronto) Soul Felons (Vancouver) Ground Work Sessions (White horse) The Collective (Toronto) Royal Beans (Vancouver) were some of the heavy favorites representing at the event.


Top 16
Eastern Bloc vs Unknown Floor Force: UFF takes the W.
Onton – Dosu vs Soul Felons: Onton and Dosu advance.
The Collective vs Rep Styles: The Collective moves on.
Ground Work Session vs Stylez Corrupt 2: SC2 wins it.

Sweet Technique vs Saiko: Sweet Technique claims the victory.
LA Team vs Ground Illusionz: G.I advances.
Piecez of Laziness vs Royal Beans: Royal Beans gets the W.
Eastern Bloc 2 vs Def Technique: Def Technique moves into the top 8.

Top 8
Unknown Floor Force vs Onton – Dosu: Onton – Dosu move on to the semis.
The Collective vs Styles Corrupt 2: Styles Corrupt 2 take the W

Sweet Technique vs Ground Illusionz: Sweet Technique Takes it.
Royal Beans vs Def Technique: Def Technique in the top 4.

Semifinals – lets check out the battles:
Onton – Dosu vs Stylez Corrupt:

Sweet Technique vs Def Technique:

The Finals:
Onton – Dosu vs Sweet Technique:

Congrats to Fleau and Vicious aka Sweet Technique for taking the victory and proving they are still Canada’s dynamic duo.

UBL’s 1 vs 1 battles.
These battles come with a twist. UBL is a battle league with top Canada bboys competing to take on the current UBL champ, Phil Wizard. Lets take you straight to the semi finals.

Phil vs Gomo:

Styx vs Burn:

UBL’s Final battle:
Phil vs Burn:

For ALL RH3 X FSS Ca. Battles, check out the link HERE

For ALL event pictures(by Harry Zhang Photography) check out the link HERE

Next up on the Pre Breaking Schedule: Royalty – Chicago IL.

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