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RoxRite presents: Yan The Shrimp interview


In my opinion Yan The Shrimp (All the Most/Russia) is one of the most creative, innovative and original bboys our community has today. In an era when many are screaming, “Do what you want”, “Break how you want”, “Foundation is what you choose” Yan shows us how to do it your way but keep it “Straight Up Bboy”. His flow and style are timeless. 20 years from now when bboys/bgirls see footage of The Shrimp… Read more

Clip of the Day

The Warriors Full Movie


Growing up in the scene, my friends and I wanted to learn as much as possible about Hiphop and all things related to the culture. Rap music of the ’90s was always filled with timelines of the past. Bits and pieces of history for us to discover. Blog: Below are a few examples: Nas Illmatic intro starts with a scene from “Wild Style” Nas: The Genesis Intro:   Ghostface’s Ironman album quoted “Education of… Read more

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Phaze II

Chicago’s own crosstown crew Phaze II celebrated their 32 years of existence earlier this month. The recent occasion reminded us of a very important piece of history shot by Cypher Adikts own JeSkilz 2 years ago. The story goes a little something like this…… Wicked welcomed us with open arms into his home and gave us a Phaze II history lesson of a lifetime. I’ve always known about him and Phaze II, but never really… Read more


Judging Format at Undisputed World Bboy Series Events


When we created the UNDISPUTED WORLD BBOY SERIES a big topic of conversation was what the judges format would be and how can we make something stand out that does not handicap the judges ability to judge the battle as a whole without taking away from their reputable background. We wanted something exciting that could enhance the battle yet keep it simple, functional and raw. It was decided to use the judges format from IBE’s… Read more

Clip of the Day

Bboys T-Co and Flea Rock (Skill Methodz) get arrested in Venice for no apparent reason


By now most everyone in our community has seen the video of T-Co(Florida Bboy) and Flea Rock (Skill Methodz) getting arrested in the middle of their performance in Venice Beach California. The question is WHY? WHAT DID THEY DO TO DESERVE SUCH TREATMENT? WHY DID THEY GET SINGLED OUT WHEN YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE OTHER PERFORMERS IN THE BACKGROUND THAT NEVER GOT QUESTIONED OR ARRESTED. Street performing is legal in Venice. Street Dogz (Hitting Crew)… Read more


Favorite Outbreak Moment: Rox Rite vs Focus


Now that Outbreak Hiphop Festival is officially gone, everywhere I go I get asked two questions: #1. Is Outbreak really over? #2. What’s your favorite Outbreak moment? My answers are always the same: YES, NO MORE OUTBREAK. #2 My favorite Outbreak moment is Outbreak 1 Hiphop Jam because it was the first one but my second favorite moment was Outbreak 5′s Rox Rite vs Focus battle. Outbreak 5 Hiphop Festival was my first Outbreak after… Read more


What’s Wrong With Our Community? Your Opinion.


We want to try something different. We want to read what YOU have to say. It’s easy for us to sit here and write about how we feel but instead we want to hear what you have to say, what you see with your own eyes, weekend after weekend at jam after jam. What needs to change and how should we change them? Point out a problem but it would be great if you could also include what would be… Read more

Memory Lane

Memory Lane: USA vs KOREA IBE 2005


This blog should actually be called THE DAY THAT EVERYTHING CHANGED and I will tell you why. In the early-mid 2000s South Korea came into the scene and blew up in ways no one expected but when they would battle the American bboys the extra respect factor would always come into place. Maybe it was their culture or maybe because the USA created the dance but let’s just say on many occasions at different events… Read more

Clip of the Day

The Bboy Spot Cribs by Step X Step


A you may have heard, The Bboy Spot center is officially closing its doors. If you didn’t know, read why: THE SPOT CLOSING ITS DOORS  Step X Step recently stopped by and had a “cribs” style tour of The Spot. We are happy to have the facility documented in history before it’s doors shut down. Many great memories in this place but before this facility, we had great memories in our older location and the one before that. We will one… Read more

Community 1st

It’s Called Gentrification – How to Grow The Breakin Community


I want to give everyone an inside look into my mind. Lots of people view me as a “business” person but the reality is, I am much more of a community person and my mindset always has been. How do we elevate the breaking community? I seek inspiration in everything: from business ventures that flourished, to the skating community, documentaries, and movies. A certain scene from an iconic Hip Hop film is the backbone behind… Read more

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