Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: BC ONE ALL STARS AT IBE 2012

BC one flash

Our BC One blog series continues and this time we take you back to 2012 when Mason Rose did a dope highlight reel of the Red Bull BC One All Stars at IBE. Its crazy how time flies. Video brings back great memories of what IBE is all about. Shout outs to all the all stars and shout outs to Mason for this dope clip! Dont forget, Red Bull BC One North America Finals is… Read more




Our series of advice to the youth in our community continues. This time we are getting into the dance and explaining why the fundamentals and roots of the dance are important. We are also adding a twist to it, instead of showing you a clip of footwork steps or freezes, we are breaking down one of the most famous bboys of today. That bboy is Thesis – Knuckleheads Cali/Massive Monkees. We decided to go with… Read more

Feature Event

Memorable battles at Red Bull BC One: Queen Mary.


As part of our Red Bull BC One blog write-ups that will lead up to RED BULL BC ONE NORTH AMERICA FINALS (AUGUST 22ND IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA), we wanted to highlight memorable battles that have taken place at Red Bull BC One. Last Saturday may have held the most memorable and ICONIC battle in Red Bull BC One history. It didn’t happened in a world finals or a European finals and it was not the… Read more




Over the weekend the Pro Breaking Tour hit the city of sin aka Las Vegas, Nevada, for Circa Las Vegas 2015 held by Mig 187 of Knucklehead Zoo and Nico aka True Rock. In recent years Circa has become one of Vegas most popular breaking event. Crews from all over the west came out to represent and get their shot at the title. World renown crews like Killafornia, Knuckleheads, Full Force, Knucklehead Zoo and more… Read more

Clip of the Day

Bboy Smurf presents BBOY NEWS APRIL 2015


Smurf: Dope bboy, dope artist and a pretty damn comedic genius. The Bboy news production is super on point with the script, the editing, even Smurf’s news anchor character is crazy on point. We’ve been following his work since the days of “Enemies with Everybody” along with his partner in crime Casper. All in all Smurf has made some pretty damn classic clips. Don’t know what else to write aside of ENJOY! Check out his… Read more




This past weekend the Pro Breaking Tour hit Toronto Canada for the 1st time. Canada’s best along with plenty of US Bboys came together at UBL’s MAIN EVENT. Now in it’s 7th edition, the main event is considered one of the premiere breaking events in Toronto and one of the top events in Canada. Find out more about the UBL at BboyLeague.org (Don’t let the word league fool you, UBL is all about the positive… Read more


Youval speaks about Menno vs Benji. Our answer to his question.


Last week we made a post addressing the Benji vs Menno call out. Since then, Youval has uploaded a video to his Facebook page (HERE) with his views on the matter in which he addresses a question to us and as promised here is our reply to the question. The question was: “When Benji got called out by Karimbo last year in Belgium where were you? It was exactly the same scene reversed. He did… Read more




On part two of our advice to the younger generation, I (Mex) want to speak about the music on the radio and music videos online (or where the used to show them…on TV). Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s turning on the TV to tune into MTV or BET was not about stupid reality shows or bad music videos. Good rap (Hiphop) music was at an all time high. 2pac, WuTang, Biggie, Nas,… Read more


RedBull BC One’s Turn It Loose official Trailer


in 2007, Red Bull BC One started work on a documentary that focused on the life of 5 bboys as they prepared for Red Bull BC One 2007 in Soweto South Africa. Lilou, Ben-J, Ronnie, Taisuke, Hong 10 and Rox Rite opened up to the cameras to tell their stories. A story that has to do more about the trials and tribulations of life. Lilou opens up about his Islamic faith and how he uses… Read more

Bboy Life

Bboy Celebration over War in Ukraine


Probably, many of you have been following the news about Ukraine recently. Bloody conflict between Ukraine and Pro Russian rebels had a major impact within the country and the bboy scene itself. You may even know some bboys or bgirls from Ukraine and wonder what is really going on and how safe it is over there now or in the upcoming future. We spent a few days with Intact, who visited us in Prague, just… Read more

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