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TBT: 10 Things Bboys/Bgirls Need to Stop Doing


Decided to write a guideline on 10 things I think bboys need to stop doing… Hope you guys find it funny, its mainly for kicks. haha In no particular order #1 STOP POSTING ALL YOUR PRACTICE FOOTAGE ON INSTAGRAM! Talk about 15 seconds of “fame”…. haha. Element of surprise, use it. This one applies more to the younger bboys. #2 BBOYS, STOP GIVING THE “COCK”. BGIRLS, STOP GIVING THE VAGINA & AT TIMES “COCK”. Seriously,… Read more


Major changes from Red Bull BC One for 2016.


As most already know, Red Bull BC One will be changing its format for 2016. Red Bull decided it was time for a change of direction and took away the 6 Regional Championships and instead will replace them with what we would like to call Red Bull BC One Culture Camps. These camps will focus on bringing back the essence Hiphop back into the community through education.   Below is a statement taken from RedBullBCOne’s… Read more

Feature Event

UDEF’s Pro Breaking Tour 2016 calendar year


The Pro Breaking Tour is back for its 2016 calendar year. 30+ tour events in 15 different states + Puerto Rico and Canada will be taking place this year. Take a look at the event schedule below and make sure to visit to keep up to date with the tour. Mark your calendars because the 2016 Pro Breaking Tour will be one for the books!!


TBT: To promoters with UDEF/Silverback Bboy Events sanctioned/sponsored jams.


UDEF/SBE took the USA breaking community by storm in 2014. Sponsoring jams left and right. Promising and delivering on these high price money events. Nothing like it has ever taken place in our community. Forget a “2nd place” prize, bboys/bgirls knew that just placing into the top 16 would get them a prize. 2014 was like Christmas all year round. Promoters went from being skeptical to lining up for sponsorship. For 2015, UEDF/SBE is sanctioning/sponsoring… Read more

Word on the street



Rumor has it that the BC ONE ALL STARS will come together for the 1st time and compete at a major international competition (judged crew competition) and the event they will be competing at will be this years UK CHAMPS 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. This wwould be somewhat “historic” in the breaking community. Now there are many ways to look at this as some may think it’s “cool” while others may think it’s “wack” and some… Read more

Event Recaps



Cypher Adikts recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary in Los Angeles Ca. For the 5 year Ann. Jeskilz, founder of Cypher Adikt, decided to switch things up a bit and created what is now known as “Leaders of the Ground”. Leaders of the Ground was a concept created by Skilz to provide top bgirls with more opportunities in the breaking community. For the 1st Leader of the Ground she decided to have bgirls Macca, A.T… Read more


‘The Archive’ Worlds LARGEST record collection


In 2009 a Youtube clip broke out about Paul Mawhinney who at the timed owned the worlds biggest record collection. The collection consisted of 2.5million+ vinyl records. The library of congress stated only 17% of the music he owns from 1948 to 1966 is available for purchase today. If you break it down, that means millions of the songs in the records he owns might never be heard again. Record-Rama opened in the 1960’s in… Read more


TBT: Thunder Soul: Kashmere Stage Band Documentary

Thunder Soul

Felix, Unique Styles Crew member and drummer of FUSIK introduced us to a sick documentary called THUNDER SOUL. We’ve all heard their songs, especially the one below, but I knew nothing about the band known as The Kashmere Stage Band. As the documentary went on, it truly shocked me to learn that it was a group of high school kids playing the music! All these years of listening to the song thinking it was men… Read more




With all the talk about the direction of music in our scene, we want to introduce to you a new group called Fenoms that is creating quality music from within our culture. Fenoms is a duo composed of Daniel “Felix” Garcia (drummer of South Florida Funk band FUSIK) and Andrews “Nonms” Mujica (percussionist and drummer of Miami’s own Hip Hop group ¡Mayday!). Felix and Nonms have been seasoned musicians and band mates in various projects… Read more




I’ve been wanting to write about a major problem we have in the breaking community… INDIVIDUALS WHO REFUSE TO PAY AT THE DOOR. Why is it such a problem for bboys/bgirls to support the community with their $10, $15 or $20 admission? Seriously, why? Why do some people do the best they can to sneak there way in? Why do others try to lie about being on the “list” and the worst of them all…why… Read more

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