Event Recaps

THEM Team 10 Year Ann. Jam


For the 2nd time in 3 weeks, the UDEF Tour made a stop in Seattle WA. This time it was for THEM Team 10 Year Ann Jam hosted by DJ Bless One, Thesis and of course the rest of the THEM Team familia. The event featured a super dope 2 vs 2 competition featuring a “GREAT 8″ invited crew list consisting of MF KIDZ – 808 Breakers – Filthy Feet – HaviKORO – Knuckleheads Cali… Read more

Clip of the Day



Freestyle Session 8 2004, Queen Mary, LA. Our first battle in the United States. Freestyle Session 8 was the place to be, 80 big crews from all over the world. After seeing all the VHS tapes we just simply had to make it there, work hard and save the money and we did it. A dream come true to battle the people we grew up looking up to. The elimination round was against Rock Steady… Read more

Feature Event



You cant really speak about FloMO without mentioning two of their illest members A.T and Taya T-Flow. The dynamic due probably rank in the top 5 bgirls in the world list(if there was one). What Taya did in the mid 2k’s AT has continued to do throughout the last 5 years. Run cyphers, burn bboys and take the “Bgirl” skill level to new heights. This is their story… Story of a student and a master… Read more


Building a legacy as a crew, on and off the floor


These times of individuality get people running after the crown. It’s cool to train hard to win battles. But if you train 2 or maybe even 4 hours a day, you’ve got 20 more hours left in a day to be productive on other fields. What will happen if you get injured in the dance? If you base your life only on your moves, this will make your life fall. A grown man or a… Read more


Bboy Focus and bgirl A.T present: The Bboy/Bgirl Dojo at BboyDojo.com


The Bboy DOJO, what is it? In a few words: The perfect online source for all interested in learning/improve the art of Breaking. Bboy Focus and Bgirl A.T really went far and beyond with this amazing project. Everything you can imagine is there. HUNDREDS of instructional videos well presented and broken down. The dojo covers all levels from the guy/girl interested in taking their 1st breaking step to a seasoned bboy/bgirl looking to sharpen/improve fundamental… Read more


From the Basements to the Mecca


Rock Steady Crew 29th Anniversary Crew Battle narrated by Rome-1 “The 29th RSC Anniversary became a defining landmark in Flow Mo’s history by winning the crew battle competition. Since the birth of the crew Flow Mo had travelled around the world to rock cyphers and enter competitions with a thirst to prove that our underground bboy movement hailing from humble beginnings in basements and even our parents’ living rooms was something else. You have to… Read more


FloMO Week 2015. May 4th- 8th

flow-mo-banner-week 2

We are doing something we’ve never done before. Dedicate a whole week to one of the illest, freshest, dopest and above that most RESPECTED crews in the world. Finland’s own FloMO crew. Since bursting into the scene back in the mid 2k’s at Freestyle Session 2004 (along with Ghost Crew) FlowMo has been a staple of “excellence” in the breaking community. Many memorable moments define the crew. Who can forget the Circle Kings finals vs… Read more


Flash Back Friday: Havikoro Performance at Red Bull BC One N.American Finals


2 years ago in Houston Texas, Marlon along with HaviKORO put on one of the best BC ONE performances ever. A very touching and memorable moment in time. Red Bull BC One North America Finals took place 2 days ago in Houston, TX. Most know what to expect from a BC One event but this time it was a little different. BC One always incorporated elements of the local/national culture into their performance and typically… Read more


TBT: “Uprising: Hip-Hop and the LA Riots” on VH1


This piece was originally published on 11/25/14 This past Sunday marked the 20-year anniversary of the infamous Los Angeles Riots that resulted from the jury decision involving the beating of Rodney King. Complete and utter chaos took over Los Angeles as thousands of people began stealing, assaulting, burning, and even murdering all over L.A. 54 people were killed and thousands of people were injured as a result of the LA riots. If you know anyone… Read more

Event Recaps

Massive Monkees Day Event Recap


What can we write about Massive Monkees Day that has not been written? Honestly, not much. The event has been the talk of the community since the weekend. Massive Monkees are iconic in our community. They may not be an “old school” crew but their body of work and contribution to our culture since the early 2k’s has been 2nd to none. This past weekend the Monkees got together to celebrate their 16th years of… Read more

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