A Salute to Bboy Masters Pro-am

Over the weekend, Bboy Masters Pro-AM took place for the 15th year in a row. Coming up in Fort Lauderdale in 99/2000 the one event I always waited for all year round was Pro-AM. I remember how I would start saving months in advance to make sure I got my 5 day passes to the event. It was incredible! So many of my earliest memories happened at Pro-Am. As my crew (Unique Styles Crew) got older in the scene, we went from being fans to actually winning Pro-AM Crew battles in 2003, and later on I went on to judge at Pro-AM in 05/06. In 2006, Pro-AM took place in Atlanta, GA and I was blessed with taking 1st place in the 1 vs 1 category. The scene has changed a lot since those days, but memories live forever. I would like to send a very special shout out to Speedy Legs for providing young Bboys like me a place to practice (The PAL) at events like Hiphop Elements Throwdown and the infamous DOLLA JAMS.

If you are a new bboy in the scene, I can not say my memories are better than yours today, but I can recommend you go back and watch as much footage from events that took place in the year 2000 and earlier—Pro-AM, Summit, Battle of the Year, Freestyle Session, and others. You will definitely be inspired.

For now, hope you enjoy the intro to PRO-AM 2000.

Fun Fact: The first Bboy jam flyer Spen1 ever made was for Pro-Am, back in 2003.

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