David “MexOne” Alvarado

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA / Fort Lauderdale, FL
Title: Founder
Bio: I started breaking in mid-1999 with a group of friends in my high school. One of them was Felix (Unique Styles Crew/Fusik) who’s my best friend now. In 2001, Felix and I along with Dwelz (Fresh Intelex) created Solo 3 Crew. Soon after we met Namek and Squid, teamed up with Unique Styles Crew calling ourselves Solo3USC.

In February 2002, we decided to drop the Solo3 and Unique Styles Crew was born. From 2002 to 2006 we hit the battle scene hard, becoming one of the most successful crews in Florida at that time.

In 2003, I started a career in promotions by necessity. There weren’t enough jams going on at the time and finally on October 11, 2003 the Outbreak Hiphop Jam was born.

A lot has happened since (I can write a book) but lets just say “THE REST IS HISTORY.”


Hometown: Queens, NY / Fort Lauderdale, FL
Title: Head Designer
Bio: Graffiti writing since 96′ and child of this Hiphop ‘ish! since forever.
I am also co-owner/founder/designer of BIGGEST&BADDEST clothing.
Props to my crews: USC, DME………PEACE!

Gina Bitetti

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Title: Operations
A love for the culture as a whole and the people in it is what keeps me motivated to do what we do here at The Bboy Spot. My main focus is to just continue building on ways we can all utilize our talents to make a difference on a wider scale. I am also the sole designer of Sicko Jewels and Nina Mantra Jewelry.

Josh Salcedo

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Title: Photographer
Bio: Got introduced to the culture at an early age. Started out in the scene as a notorious graff writer (Sorry, can’t tell you the name). Soon after, I took up breaking and expanded to art and photography. I make The Bboy Spot webstore look good. Check out my work at

Bohnna “Bunz” Chhim

Hometown: Memphis, TN
Title: Web Designer
Bio: Still pretty new to the bboy scene, my background here comes mainly from design and eventually got the opportunity to work with The Bboy Spot. Now I’m able to put two things I love together (Design and Hiphop) while also playing a part in the community!

King Negra

Hometown: Meow.
Title: Meow.
Bio: Meow. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!



Staff – EUROPE

Martin “MG” Gilian

Hometown: Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
Title: EU Founder
Bio: I moved to Florida to study in 2004 when I was 19. With such a strong passion for Hiphop culture I stopped playing soccer profesionally and started taking Hiphop more seriously. I started breakin’ in late 2004 and met Mex for the first time at Outbreak 3 in August 2006. Ever since, we became good friends and started working together. In early 2009, I became a member of Hasta La Muerte crew — a top Slovak bboy crew. After graduating from Florida International University, I moved back to my homeland, Slovakia, and launched The Bboy Spot Europe together with my homie MK.

Miro “MK” Krizan

Hometown: Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
Title: EU Co-Founder
Bio: I got inspired to street dance by my best friends from high school in a year 2000, which was our passion and priority #1 in those days. My real first encounter with breakin was 2009, after graduating University of Economics in Bratislava, through my brotha MG, who introduced me to The Bboy Spot. Thankfully to The BBS and people supporting it, I have found the true essence of Bboying, and all the love, sharing good energy and positivity that is involved to our culture. I’m very grateful for it, because Hiphop is my inspiration in every day life. Peace and much Love to y’all.

Michaela “Mishka” Gilianová

Hometown: Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
Title: EU Operations
Bio: I joined the Bboy Spot Europe in April 2010.  I was always amazed by music and dance. As a child, I used to attend different dance classes, but unfortunately I didn’t continue to practice. However, since I became a part of this amazing group of people that work at The Bboy Spot, it feels great to be back in it. It’s a pleasure to be a part of a great Hiphop community which cares, loves and works with bboys & bgirls worldwide. Love 4 all! Peace out…



Staff – ASIA

Yorick Wang

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Title: Asia Distributor & Coordinator
Bio: I started breaking in the year 2000 with a group of friends. As time went on, I decided to get more into the business and promotional side of things. In 2008, I created my clothing brand Soul Food Clothing. Soon after, I became good friends with Mex and The Bboy Spot team and decided to work together. In 2009 I opened Culture Shock TW. I chose Culture Shock because that is what I wanted my costumers to have when they walked into the store, a culture shock. Hiphop is still small in TW but it has grown a lot since. To promote the store, I decided to throw a jam with the same name “Culture Shock”. Culture Shock now stands as one of the best events in ASIA.

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