Jose “Keebz” Chapa is one of the most influential and inspirational dancers of the past decade. Excelling in the art of Bboying, he has traveled the world hosting workshops, judging world class battles, and competing with (and against) the best breakers in the world. A strong balance of innovation and traditional foundation make him one of the most original and aspiring dancers of his time.

Born in the small town of Matamoros, Mexico, he was raised in McAllen,TX for a majority of his youth. He started dancing at the age of 12. Originally, he danced with a small group of friends recreationally. However, his passion would eventually grow to the point where he was practicing at a very consistent pace. He began to meet more serious dancers like him and eventually joined the crew “Masters of Mayhem”, which he is a member of to this day.

He began traveling with his crew through out Texas and neighboring states to compete against other dancers and crews. In these times, Jose was beginning to establish a reputation that would eventually span the globe. In 2004, he was selected to represent the USA at an international battle in France. The event consisted of the best BBoys from around the world. The USA team, including Jose, were victorious. This would mark the start of an international career that would include many victories and successes for years to come.

In 2005, Jose was contracted by Universal Studios Theme Park to perform a daily show with a group of other internationally renown BBoys. The show was so successful that it allowed Jose the opportunity to move to Florida and establish himself independently. He would eventually meet and befriend a group of dancers by the name of “Mind 180″.


In 2007, as a member of Mind 180, Jose and his crew won BBoy Unit. An international competition that took place in Korea and included the best crews in the world. They also went on to win Hip Opsession in France, another international crew championship. These victories made Mind 180 crew one of the top crews in the world, and Jose’s contribution to the crews success gave him a great amount of international recognition.

Jose would go on to travel the world partaking in various activities within the breaking community. He taught workshops to large groups, sometimes exceeding 80 people. He continued to enter competitions and won many of them, including, Chelles Battle Pro(France), Hip Hop Connection(Italy), World B-boy Classic(Rotterdam), Outbreak World Championship(Miami), Claws Out(Los Angeles) Euro Battle(Portugal) IBE (Holland) and many more. When he wasn’t entering competitions, he was judging them.

In the past few years, Jose has been a part of the Squadron. A collective group of friends that share the same perspective on the international Hip-Hop community. They compete together at various events through out the world under the sponsorship of The Bboy Spot and Biggest&Baddest. Jose currently lives in Orlando, he still travels and competes routinely while taking part in many local events and performances within the community.

Photo credits: Josh Salcedo

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