On part two of our advice to the younger generation, I (Mex) want to speak about the music on the radio and music videos online (or where the used to show them…on TV). Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s turning on the TV to tune into MTV or BET was not about stupid reality shows or bad music videos.

Good rap (Hiphop) music was at an all time high. 2pac, WuTang, Biggie, Nas, Mos Def and many others achieved pop culture popularity. In the late 80’s through mid 90’s tuning into MTV’S YO! MTV Raps was something many of us did religiously. BET’s RAP CITY was another show we wouldn’t miss out on. Sadly though it hasn’t been this way for the last 10+ years.

Check out the intros to YO! MTV RAPS and RAP CITY



Imagine coming home after school turning on the TV and all the sudden you see Rock Steady Crew on Television? At times, we got blessed to do so! Check out the video below:

Rock Steady on MTV’s Yo MTV Raps!

Or how about watching Kujo and Asia One in RUN DMC’s x Jason Nevins remix video:

One of our favorite music videos ever, KRS ONE’s STEP INTO THE WORLD

…and finally our all time favorite favorite video: SWAY and TECH’S THE ANTHEM.
The video features Ken Swift, FlowMaster, Ivan and Kujo.

It’s safe to say we grew up in a beautiful commercial era of Hiphop on television. I wouldn’t traded for the world, but this does not mean my generation should know and not yours. We grew up with no community, no internet or blogs to learn from. Unlike today, we had no access to Ken Swift, Legs, Poe or any other pioneers. Taking a workshop was not even an option since teaching was not something many did and when they did it was always in private to their own students. While we had “HIPHOP” you have “POP RAP”, but you also have a Hiphop community now willing to teach anyone that wants to learn.

Take advantage of it, our founding fathers are still here today.

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