Our series of advice to the youth in our community continues. This time we are getting into the dance and explaining why the fundamentals and roots of the dance are important. We are also adding a twist to it, instead of showing you a clip of footwork steps or freezes, we are breaking down one of the most famous bboys of today. That bboy is Thesis – Knuckleheads Cali/Massive Monkees.

We decided to go with Thesis because he is someone the new generation would never think about when the work “foundation” comes to mind, when in reality, Thesis is a very fundamentally sound bboy and fully takes advantage of it.

Check out the clip below.

Bboy Thesis Trailer:

To help you guys out, we will break down certain parts of the clip that are very important to observe.

0:10 seconds: As you guys can see, Thesis can top. While he chooses to throw his original steps and groove to it. If you are to tell him to simple “top rock” he can very well execute the steps and make them look very natural because throughout the years they have become natural.

0:25 seconds: Knee drop screw get down, into backdrop, picked up into a traditional air baby or as it should be called Kenny freeze(As a tribute to Ken Swift for creating it) and then what does Thesis do? He shows his mastery of the the Kenny by switching it back and forth as he walks back VERY FLUENTLY WITHOUT HESITATION. If you don’t have FLOW with your moves then you don’t do them the way they should be done.

0:47 seconds: Airflare, to flare, to windmills, to shoulder halos and picked up beautifully to back to flares, into a 90. Do you guys realize how hard it is to execute that power round so fluently? It may not look “wow” but trust us, it’s incredible. That round shows that Thesis has good continuous airflares(something we never see him do) flares, many different windmill variations and great halos. Before doing such a clean combo, Thesis had to master those moves to put them together. It takes WORK to get them that clean. Powermoves are part of foundation.
Note: look at how he ended in 0:57 seconds. a very traditional knee freeze. Because there is nothing wrong with giving respect to the roots. Its not “easy” its stylish and respect to the traditional ways. He then goes off with his own stylish approach and patterns.

1:19 seconds: Body glides with flow. Something that is getting very popular in the scene. Gliding and threading with flow. Thesis starts his round with it, picks up to a Kenny and flips it. Ends with a perfect airchair, drops it and picks up to another airchair. We assure you, he has perfect chair freezes. Choosing to do it into an “air chair” is simple just that A CHOICE.

Based upon these examples, we hope you guys get what we are trying to say with the topic. Choosing Thesis was important because it’s not someone you think about when you speak of fundamentals in our community. This breakdown shows you how incredibly fundamentally sounded he is. For all you bboys trying to imitate his style, if you are skipping that part then you will never be able to achieve a flow like him. Also, you shouldn’t want to flow like him, thats THESIS STYLE not a style you can pick up at a bboy buffet.

Once again the moral of this story is GET YOUR FUNDAMENTALS ON LOCK AND RUN WITH THEM. Get creative, get loose, built, originate and create something beautiful. As the great Abstrak from Skill Methodz loves to say: FOUNDATION IS THE KEY TO CREATIVITY.
If your roots are not strong, you will never fully flourish.

Lastly, just because Thesis does not choose to throw lots of footwork in his rounds does not mean he doesn’t have it.
You can’t beat Intact of Ruffneck Attack in a footwork battle if you don’t have it…

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  1. John Nguyen says:

    Thesis is the mother fukkin truth!

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