We’re getting hype for FREESTYLE SESSION 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY next weekend, and I’ve been wanting to write a blog to promote it. I was brain storming whether I should do a Q&A with Cros, or maybe gather up mad videos to show everyone, but I knew this blog had to be more special then that. Why? Because IT’S FREESTYLE SESSION 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Freestyle Session stands as the most respected Bboy/Bgirl event in the world, and the event itself changed the history of our community in more ways then one. SESSION has impacted our culture in so many memorable ways, I could literally go on forever. One of the first videos I ever saw was Freestyle Session 3, with the original “super crew” Flying Tortillas (Storm, Wicket, Flow Moster, Poe One and a few others) versus Soul Control in the finals. LEGENDARY BATTLE. It was Freestyle Session 5 that introduced the world to HAVIK and KORO, or as they go by now–HAVIKORO, when they took on the legendary STYLE ELEMENTS in the first round. It was there that Moy and Curious George introduced the world to “continious airflares”. Freestyle Session 6/7 was highlighted by so many legendary battles, as well as the innovation of many of the continious power moves seen today. Freestyle Session Special Edition Seattle….WOW! What can’t be said about many of the great battles that took place there?! Freestyle Session Japan and Korea truly sparked the movement that blew up the ASIA bboy scene into what it is today. Freestyle Session 8, which was the first I ever attended, was INCREDIBLE! For my crew Unique Styles and Mind 180, making it to the TOP 8 will for ever be regarded as an incredible accomplishment.

In those years FREESTYLE SESSION was well ahead of most events today. Everything they did turned to gold. I can say that even for myself, when I first created Evolution in 2004 I wanted to create the Freestyle Session of the East Cost….and guess what I did? I took over 5,000 flyers to Freestyle Session 8 to promote Evolution 1 for the first time ever! I’ve always felt Freestyle Session had set the standard when it comes to  events, and it set a bar so high I dont know if many will even come close to surpassing.

Aside from the breaking aspect, another part of Session that has always been on point was the performances. Oh man!! Cros made sure to have some seriously nasty MC’s rocking the jam throughout the years. From Supernatural’s crazy freestyle performance in Session 6, to KRS ONE murdering the stage back in ’04 at Session 8, and of course last year’s Pete Rock vs Premiere show which was madness!

And we can’t talk about Session without mentioning the flyers….PFFFFFF!! THE ILLEST. Pres has always come correct year after year. Freestyle Session flyers are like trading cards, if you own one of the originals you have a piece of history that is priceless.

When the event came back in 2007, it came back with a vengence… anyone that was anyone was there. That Session was highlighted as the first time Korea came to the United States with more than a handful of bboys. Over 30 Korean Bboys came out to represent. For myself, another incredible moment that will never be forgotten was Freestyle Session 12 when The Squadron took first place over Monsta Squad. I remember that final battle round for round. To see part of my crew, along with many of our great friends, acheive something we never imagined we could is truly the ultimate feeling.


I hit up Cros, not to interview him, but for him to tell me what Freestyle Session truly means to him. Check out what he had to say:

So 15 Years. Crazy. When I first started Freestyle Session here in San Diego in 97. It was initially suppose to be just a local jam to give the kids out here a kick in the ass to keep there skills up. I always noticed people only came to practice before the bigger events so I was like I need to do some bigger events to keep everyone at practice. After the first FSS I didnt expect much but people from all over the west coast came through, and we had about 700 people there. The practice after that jam was dope, had like over 40-50 people there amped up and inspired. And when I set my eyes on 3 little kids that had to be like 5-7 years old I knew that this was something I was meant to do. From doing the jams in local gyms to some of the biggest venues in Los Angeles and world its been a crazy ride. I would have never thought that there was even breaking in some of the countries I’ve gotten to visit, let alone throwing jams in them. I’ve gotten to meet some really great people and made some amazing friends along this journey. But at the end of the day I have to thank the bboys for sticking with the event whether it be entering the event or just coming through to cypher or even just spreading the word to others. Without the energy of everyone everywhere this jam wouldn’t be what it is today. I’m very thankful to everything thats came out of this event and the 15 years we have put into it. And very thankful that it’s still standing today. Hope that everyone enjoys themselves at this upcoming anniversary and my team and I look forward to bringing quality events to the scene for years to come. – Cros1

I could go on and on, but you know what? I will just say this…anyone whose thrown jams after the year 2000 better thank Cros One because he is the one that paved the way and opened many doors for us to do what we do now.


We will be there to celebrate it!!

Mex One
Unique Styles Crew
The Squadron


Check out this clip by Strife TV that truly captures everything we said above…

[nggallery id=24]

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  1. IamCROS1 says:

    Thanks for the words Mex forreal very humbled. You also inspire me to step my game up so thank you. Lets keep the movement moving and see you next weekend my friend….

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