Art Of Justin BUA: All-City Workshop in LA

His work is internationally recognized, and can be seen on everything from sneakers to skateboards, to the covers of albums and walls of art galleries worldwide. Justin BUA is a former bboy and graffiti artist from New York whose art depicts the rawness of Hip-Hop’s elements and life in the city. He will be hosting a rare workshop on December 8th in Los Angeles, and aims to get more young members of the Hip-Hop community involved with visual arts ranging from graffiti to acrylic painting. Through his workshops and involvement in the community, he seeks to educate those who are interested in persuing their passions as artists.

“I’m very thankful for the support. It’s inspiring to see such a big  force in the bboy community support my cause and I hope that I can give back to a culture that’s given so much to me.”- BUA

For those of you in LA and surrounding areas, we definitely encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the most influential and well respected artists in our culture.


For more information on Justin Bua’s work, and to stay updated on upcoming workshops, make sure to follow him on Twitter (@JustinBUA), Facebook (Justin Bua), and Instagram (@JustinBUA) as well as check out his website at

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