Bad Meaning Good: Mike Tyson

So I came across a really dope video of KID DYNAMITE aka Mike Tyson. Tyson means a lot to the Hiphop generation. In the late 80′s, kids in the ghettos had 2 heroes: Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson. Unlike Jordan, Tyson was from the ghetto. Tyson came out of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, home of Biggie, Mos Def, Talib and many other famous MCs. Tyson was truly, “The People’s Champ”. His knock outs will forever be legendary and his fights took boxing to a new level. We at The Spot and Biggest&Baddest decided to solute this KING and create STAY BADD…because Tyson was a bad bad man….Bad meaning good.


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  • kobo1kanobi

    Were the lyrics inspired by Mike?

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