Over the last few months I’ve been thinking a lot about BATTLE OF THE YEAR THE MOVIE, and the effects it will have on our community. I’ve been thinking about writing a series of blogs dedicated to “what might happen” after the movie is released. I have yet to see the movie, and the blogs wont be “about” the movie. My concern is not for it to win an Oscar, nor am I a movie critic, but rather to open up discussion for the type of impact it may or may not have on our community.

I will interview many of the bboys in the movie, I will touch on topics such as job opportunities it can provide bboys, awareness it will create for the word “bboy”, and over all how we as a community can turn the movie’s buzz, hype, and hopefully success into our very own success. As I wrote in a comment on my Facebook wall, it is not Hollywood’s job to promote our community, it is our job. I for one will never turn down a kid willing to learn regardless of what sparked his interest.

I would like to repost a little something I shared on my personal Facebook last week.

“What I hope happens because of BATTLE OF THE YEAR:

Kids in my neighborhood start breaking outside in this big patio area my community has,
I join them, teach them, and introduce them to the culture.

If BATTLE OF THE YEAR is the reason they start,

Can’t wait.”


Feel free to discuss and share your thoughts below.

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  1. tristan9 says:

    everything is coming to a head these days.

    “bboying” is getting hella wack and played out.
    “everyone” is getting to it.

    but like you said, i don’t mind kids getting into it.
    kids created hip hop!
    but i also don’t mind people leaving it.
    there’s always something to come back to–
    to come home to in the culture, anyway–if you’re in it for real.

    and it’s a fact of life that breaking isn’t a lifetime thing for everyone.

    i’m just kinda sad that there will be no IBE this year.
    what if they made a dope movie about IBE instead.

    what if the planet bboy documentary was about IBE instead of boty
    instead of aiming to be the best at a competition, you aim to get to “bboy heaven”

    i’m happy whenever i see a commercial with a bboy in it, i’m happy when we’re featured in films.
    i’m just that stoked about breaking that seeing it anywhere brings my mood up.
    it’s a risk that the culture gets misrepresented, but the way i see it, films and other things are just:

    they do not represent what the true culture is for everyone else.
    at least it gets people to start, and some of them will stay.

    it’s not about being defined by others.
    we define our place in history and society.
    those misrepresentations are just that–misrepresentations.

    but the culture and traditions stay alive.
    i’m just happy for the opportunities that my peers can get.
    and hope they don’t get jaded.

    my 5 centavos (we don’t have single-cent denominations in my country so i can’t give “my two cents” haha)


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