B&B Presents: THE RETURN 2012 – Shirt event

The homies over at BIGGEST&BADDEST (well…me and Mex) have decided to bring back a design from the dead! A small promotion we’re running to commemorate our 5 year anniversary at B&B. Now here’s where you come in. We’ve had so many popular tees in the past, that it’s tough to pick one. After much deliberation we’ve narrowed the bunch down to our 5 most popular designs from the past and we want YOU to vote for which one should rise from the dead.

Head over to the forums to cast your vote HERE.

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  • thebboycharkoal23

    Woww man.. these are some bomb looking shirts.. wish i could get one… i especially want one of the B&B GODZILLINGTON one… I Love It!!!

  • Gina

    Thanks for your support, make sure to get your vote in and we might bring that Godzillington back!

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