Bboy Focus and bgirl A.T present: The Bboy/Bgirl Dojo at


The Bboy DOJO, what is it? In a few words: The perfect online source for all interested in learning/improve the art of Breaking. Bboy Focus and Bgirl A.T really went far and beyond with this amazing project. Everything you can imagine is there. HUNDREDS of instructional videos well presented and broken down. The dojo covers all levels from the guy/girl interested in taking their 1st breaking step to a seasoned bboy/bgirl looking to sharpen/improve fundamental steps.

How it works?
A very easy registration system is set up. You determine your level of skill level based upon the teachings of each section. The four sections are: Beginner – Prospect – Bboy and Grand Master. As you improve, so does the teachings. The dojo is a building block that can take you from A to Z in the art of Breaking. A.T and Focus are not just teaching “steps” they are sharing knowledge, challenging your minds and educating the pupil as a true Grand Master should. Giving you the tools of the trade for you to become a worthy disciple.

When Focus approached me about his new project, I had two questions for him and these are his answers:

Why do you feel this is important in our community?

“We both have been teaching a lot all over the world. We’ve met tons of b-boys & b-girls that on a technical level are incredible. But at the same time if on a workshop we ask for example “How many over here have seen Beat Street or Wild Style?”, out of 50 people it’s not rare to get only two or three hands up.

So even though with the internet age there’s more information all around us, the quality seems to suffer. For us the driving force has always been the culture and the feeling behind the movement. Hearing the stories made everything feel very special and closer to us. We want to share what we’ve learned from the generations before us so the tradition lives on.

What’s so cool about this is that we can reach people all over the world in a second. Everything we ever learned is here. And it’s accessible for everyone no matter where you’re from. ”

What can the registered bboy/bgirl truly expect to gain from the membership?

“The Dojo pretty much has two deals in one. If you never got down before we break down the basics super thorough. This will give you a solid start and a strong foundation with not just the moves but the ideas, history and feel behind it.

For the people with more experience we open new doors. We share our training methods, philosophy and approach. There’s different sections for battle skills, understanding the music, freestyle skills, powerful footworks and so on and so on. On top of tons of moves we hope to open minds, deepen the understanding, break patterns and keep people inspired for a long time! ”


Many new bboys/bgirls go to the internet to learn but they are not truly “learning” maybe they are picking up “moves” here and there but never the knowledge, never the true understanding or the history of the “move” they now “stole”. The Bboy Dojo eliminates all that. The DOJO truly is THE PERFECT ONLINE LEARNING CENTER.

Why the DOJO is better than a workshop? BECAUSE IT LAST MORE THAN 1 HOUR AND PROVIDES YOU 1 ON 1 TEACHINGS 24 HOURS A DAY. Lets be honest, in a workshop with 20+ students those in the back are just there to say they took the class but rarely learn everything I’ve personally noticed most teachers don’t adapt to their students skill level. Teaching advance movements to beginners to need to sharpen their 6 steps does not end well.

The catch?
There is no “catch” but just like a standard workshop, there is a fee. provides you with 3 different memberships.
3 MONTH DOJO MEMBERSHIP at $20.00 a month
12 MONTH DOJO MEMBERSHIP at $16.00 a month

Not bad for a 24 hour personal workshop!

We encourage everyone to check it Give it a try and you will see it your time and minimal monthly investment will be well worth it. Shout outs to A.T and Focus once again for bringing the community such an incredible online hub/dojo for all wanting to learn the art of breaking. As it often happens, it takes European’s to take things to new levels.

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