Bboy Lilou: Break’n Reality show

A few weeks back we featured the trailer to Red Bull’s new reality breaking show called Break’n Reality. The show follows 3 bboys across the world on the journey that this culture takes them.

In this episode, Redbull focuses on French/Algerian bboy, Lilou, from Pockemon Crew. Many know of Lilou the bboy but as he says himself, now you get to see the man, “Ali”. Lilou carries a strong sense of culture and is deeply rooted with his Muslim traditions. It’s incredible to see how embraced he is with his country of Algeria. Who would have known that breaking would give a family such a great sense of honor and pride?

We can’t wait to see the Rox Rite and the Neguin feature—actually, we can’t wait to see ALL the episodes!

Break’n Reality is coming!

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