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If you’ve been in the scene for the last 10 years, its impossible for you not to know about “Bboy News”. The always entertaining and comical bboy show hosted by bboy Smurf and Casper. The show covers what goes on in the breaking community, but always with a twist.. Smurf and Casper say what others won’t, openly diss certain events, bboys, and bgirls but always in a funny and joking (but not really) type way. Come to think about it, Bboy News is like the original Bboy TMZ only better (sorry BBTMZ…haha).

Check out the 1st ever Bboy News episode. May 8th 2008:

Here is another great one from 2015…

With Casper and Smurf always busy on their personal projects, the only thing the show has lacked is consistency.
Hopefully this will no longer be the case. The Breaking community can use a show like Bboy News right about now.

Here is the most recent Bboy News episode which has now matured into a pod cast. The show features special guest discussing the current state of the community while being very much entertaining.

Link HERE (Video embedding was disabled on this one.)

All in all, Bboy News is a great show. Casper and Smurf put in a lot work. All that digging for footage, editing and creative writing takes work. Dudes are the dynamic duo of comedy in the breaking community. Wish you guys the best!

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