Bboy Palmer sparks the CREATEDAILY revolution

Bboy Palmer (HaviKORO) started what many would call a movement. We call it an INSPIRATIONAL REVOLUTION. Since joining Instagram nearly two years ago, Palmer took it upon himself to post creative and inspirational pictures. It took only a few pics for other Instagram users to take notice of his creative approach. As time went on, more amazing pictures were added & Palmer finally gave his revolution a name. #CREATEDAILY. Every amazing picture comes with a quote or a story behind it and the hashtag #CREATEDAILY. Many took notice and started using the hashtag. INSTAGRAM took notice and featured one of Palmers videos which raised Palmers followers from 1K+ to 21K+ overnight. More and more bboys joined the revolution and 2,000+ hashtags later, the inspirational revolution is in full effect.

Below are some amazing pictures by Palmer and others who #CREATEDAILY


image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6 image_7 image

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2 Responses

  1. Palmer deserves for applause not only because he is very productive Bboy. Community should follow his #CreateDaily revolution! Many of us have some creative events almost every single day. Why not to capture them and post them up? If Palmer’s idea will be more viral, this means end of useless selfies around the web and thrive of creative awareness.

  2. […] So you see, anyone is eligible! If you wish to be featured in the #BBSpicoftheDay hashtag all you have to do is take a great picture and hashtag #CreateDaily + #TheBboyspot. We browse the hashtags daily in hopes of finding amazing pics to feature on our Instagram page. Below are some amazing pictures previously selected. To read more about #CreateDaily please read our blog here. […]

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