Vlad BMT

Bboy Vlad Chronicles- Part 3

Bboys jams are often more than just “jams”. Bboys are looking to
truly live out an experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.
Our good friend Vlad, representing BMT Crew from Russia, decided to document his
summer and make a really dope clip highlighting not his breaking but the great times
Summer 2012 brought him. As we get older and more responsibility comes our way,
we are less capable of living a life of freedom and adventure. It’s always refreshing
to see the great times our community can bring others across the world.
Vlad’s chronicles consist of a bboy/bgirl summer camp in Russia, Yalta Summer Jam,
and Outbreak 8 Hiphop Festival. Shout outs to Vlad for a great clip, and congrats on becoming
OUTBREAK 8 HIPHOP Festival Champion!!

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