Red Bull BC One Tampa Cypher

Despite the hurricane-like weather that resulted in two power outages during the jam, bboys & bgirls came from all over Florida to check out the Red Bull BC1 Tampa Cypher, held at Sirqix 7 this past Sunday. Some of the bboys in the bracket for this edition included Insight, Fantum, Wish, TungFu, Neo Dragun, and Dwelz, but the final came down to Omen (Supreme Beings) and Stripes (Main Ingreedyantz).

“We saw the best B-Boys from the best crews in the Southeast compete at this year’s Red Bull BC One Tampa Cypher,” said Mouse Areizaga, host and promoter of SirQix 7. “Having the event enhances the overall programming. It really helps contribute to the community, and the B-Boys get more excited to compete.”

It came down to a tie-breaking final round between two Florida B-Boys; Omen from Supreme Beings in Miami and Stripes from Main Ingreedyantz in Jacksonville. The judges, including RoxRite of the Red Bull BC One All Stars, Kevo from Main Ingreedyantz, and Aby from TBB had a tough decision to make.

“Ultimately, Omen had the more original moves, and his delivery was straight to the point” said RoxRite. “Stripes had it going on, it was close, but didn’t finish with the win”.

B-Boy Omen said when he moved to the finals, he knew Stripes was going to be tough.  “With Stripes I was a little bit nervous ‘cause I was already tired. He has a unique style so I had to attack him on more of the powerful side, but he has that as well. I felt like he killed it.” – Redbull


Congrats to Omen on the win, and props to all the bboys that held it down. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the BC1 Finals.

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