Be about it! Positive change in our community.

Be about it! If you want something done, do it yourself. The means to create and make change are at one’s finger tips. The internet and technology is very accessible in this day and age. Hip-Hop and Breaking culture are at a pivotal point in which it is make or break situation (no pun intended). The general consensus is that we want to keep our art form as raw and positive as possible, free from corporate corruption and/or interruption. It is us as a community that should be the forerunners of the movement. We dictate the power of influence in the culture.
havikoro-nate1-jpegThere are numerous examples of independent projects that have taken off in the past couple of years that are a testament to the soul and innovation of the community. For example, Havikoro crew and the All the Way Live foundation contribute internationally to the growing Hip-Hop movement. Countries such as India, El Salvador, etc are exposed to modes of expression that are personally liberating and give hope for the future of the impoverished and struggling. Documentation of endeavors such as these are circulated through Youtube and public media inspiring others to take initiative. Within the United States itself, there has been a push for self-sufficiency within our own industry. Self-made brands and products are raising the standards for others to follow. Kings without Crowns, Be Twn The Brks, and Nufsed are just few amongst many names that are part of the revolution.
What is particularly moving about this attitude of “Do-it-yourself” is the contribution to humanity. What is passion if it isn’t shared and used to assist our fellow man? The story that comes to mind, and that most are aware of, is the recovery of Steelo after suffering from a ruptured brain aneurysm. Not only did the people reach out with monetary donations, but sent messages of encouragement and prayers as well. It seems to have become a great development in our community to become conscious of those in need during dire times. The passing of B-ill, Raze1, and Gerald Casterlow were all tragedies that people not only heard about, but felt through communication on the social network. On the topic of current events, Bboy Cetowy is caught in a coma and is in need of as much support as possible. It is only with help and hope that issues such as these continue to be relevant in the heart and minds of others.
chandrabag-heaven-jpegIf there are any names I forgot to mention within this movement, I apologize. Then again this just goes to show you that there are people everywhere willing to do something. That being said, if you have complaints and aren’t doing anything about them, you only have yourself to blame. If you aren’t the solution, you are part of the problem. Here are some links with a cause and are a source of inspiration. If you know if any other links to organizations please feel free to share them. Get involved!


Photos of Havikoro in India courtesy of

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