Many have tried to come up with bboy magazines but the truth is, the result has always been a low quality, less than impressive result. Maybe they focus on the wrong things or the design work is not the best but we are extremely happy to say that finally there is a magazine that is doing it right! Squadron members Squid Rock(Unique Styles) and Kid David(Renegades) have teamed up to bring you BE TWN THE BRKS! A Bboy Bgirl LIFESTYLE magazine.

What makes BE TWN THE BRKS so great is the LIFESTYLE part of it. If you want to see battles, go on youtube but if you want to find out what drives these bboys and bgirls outside the dance floor, BE TWN THE BRKS is a must read. BE TWN THE BRKS Vol 3 will feature one of the illest to ever do it, a true legend and king of our community Easy Roc. Easy has given his life to this culture and you will finally be able to read HIS-STORY.

Check out the cover for the magazine.

Take a sneak peak in the BE TWN THE BRKS video blog by Rox Rite

BE TWN THE BRKS is due to drop in mid/late july. You can pre-order yours here.

Special shout out to both Kid David and Squid for bringing something great to our community and for always being there for us when we have called upon them.

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