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Breaks, the common root shared in our culture. I’m talking about percussion, bass, drums, that sound that makes you just want to get loose. DJs have been looping and sampling the instrumentals ever since the beginning of Hip Hop. Although there is one question that comes to mind: why the breaks? Why are bboys/bgirls drawn to this style of music? The answer is simple. We are human. Far before the first bboy even hit a cypher, our ancestors danced to music made with simple instruments which almost always included some form of drums. Across cultures and ethnicities, rhythm is embedded in the very existence of humanity. Even the movements used today can be traced back to steps shared by people around the globe. 

“Appreciate this music we dance to because it was this music that gave us the ability to do what we do. Keep in mind that before we found this dance and after we leave it, this music will still continue.” -Jesse Casper Brown.
Knowing this, explore, research, and fall in love with music. Listening to a variety of music opens someone up to not only new moves, but fresh perspectives as well. Challenge yourself learn more about artists like Crown City Rockers, Breakestra, or Nujabes who have contributed in some form to the diversifying sound of breaks. Pay homage and become well acquainted with the history of the classics such as “The Good Foot” by James Brown or “Time” by Edwin Starr. Above all, don’t forget that it is the beat that moves us.

The music is out there and all you have to do is find it. Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc are all good sources of music from DJ mixes to artist’s singles. Here are some links to dope stuff you might not know of:




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  1. JCLocal07 says:

    Jonathan here just thought I would share some more links to some dope DJs. I will try to upload some links periodically.

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