Benji vs Menno The “Call Out”

This will be the last time we speak on the events that occurred over the weekend. Benji struck again.
At a jam in France (no surprise there) right after Menno finished his judges solo, Benji jumps on to the floor and does the exact same thing he did vs Lilou. Youval (the host) hypes up the crowd, the cameras get ready and Benji does a round. but that’s where the similarities end.

Check out the battle here:

No need to breakdown the battle since it’s clear to see how it may have backfired. Menno played it smart. He knew this was not a competition battle or a 5 round expo. He kept it simple and to the point as Benji tired himself out and then Menno struck.

What we want to speak on is the bigger picture. The bigger picture is how the community is talking about it. Most agree these kind of “set ups” are wack while others think this is real or a raw call out.

Check out what some in the community have to say about it:

Lets start off with a great podcast by Nasty Ray…

Poe One: This is a straight up gimmick on Benji`s part. Theres a time and place to call some one out. Menno handled it like a true BBoy. Respect.

Ricky Stuntman RocAny: Yo I was thinking when I saw this earlier… #Setupcats be getting hype too, like yeah we need this. Real call outs.. But to an extent this is just a sabotage exhibition. When Benji starts calling gots out in real Cyphers then call it that.

DJ Renegade: Sorry man. I thought it was wack and corny. Attention seeking. U wanna call out u don’t do it on stage like some ambush. No class. All that pretend underground thing is bullshit. Menno is there to work. And why the time limit? Menno was just getting warm.

Niels Storm Robitzky: I am glad it shows how bad it can backfire when a callout is supposed to look real, underground, spontaneous and then it really is not- Such a toy scheme. Didn´t work.

Kuriouz (Mind 180) touched on a great topic when it comes to health: Breaking is very physical and going all out after hours of sitting down can lead to a very serious injury.

And to not be bias, here is is what some bboys supporting the call out had to say:

Morris: Everybody talks about the old days of breaking well this is a breath of fresh air. Respect to both of these guys for going at it. Shout out to benji for this ill call out.

Kareem Gwinn: I guess everyone forgot about bboysummit 99 wicket flo vs kmel and wicked . That was damn near stopped in the cypher and went on stage lolol. I bet if Benji was one of ur so called ” real bboys ” or in yall’s click everyone would be praising him.

UBC Founder Mr Freeze:
It doesn’t matter what even you have,THE ULTIMATE B BOY CHAMPIONSHIP has the #1 B boy’s in the world on our team (The KING B boy BENJI) Reps The UBC. Note: comment has since been deleted.

We tried to look for more well known bboys supporting Benji’s actions, but could not find any.
(…although some of the youtube comments we’re hilarious!)

Last but not least, here is what Menno himself had to say about the whole ordeal via his instagram

photo (3)

(Follow Menno on instagram: HERE )

We all have an opinion about it and that’s ok. After all, it was staged for the break world to see and talk about.

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8 Responses

  1. Scott E says:

    Respect > Attention.

  2. Ivan-vasil Genev says:

    I saw Benji for what he is when he called out Lilou. You can see my comment on, by username Kwest yo.
    Honestly i don’t know why people are surprised by him, I however am surprised at how much people actually believe Benji’s bs.Either I am good at reading people or just alot of other people are blind fools…
    TL;DR: *quote from my YT comment*
    *to me he is just an opportunist, he comes back to breakin, realises he isnt famous anymore, calls out arguably the most famous bboy and instantly gets the attention he needs*

  3. Nikolai Moishe Molchatsky says:

    I’ve been back and forth on this all day, and here’s what made the difference for me…
    Benji tried this same schtick with Lilou in 2013, a MONTH before BC One. There was NO WAY Lilou would have been allowed by his contract as a BC One all star to go full battle mode a month before the big event. So Benji catches some shine without having to do anything but wear a tshirt…
    I was confused about it for awhile, and even sided with Benji for a bit. Then Menno happened. And the more I think about it the oogier it gets. Why Menno? I think it’s because Benji thought he was weak. I mean he was a controversial BC One champ to say the least, you know? And Benji picks his targets. So for me as a fan, the most obvious question is…

    Why not Hong 10 Benji? You had a whoooooole lotta time to try this shit again. You scurred?

    • Jason Jonathan says:

      This is not the same as Benji going against Lilou..
      When Benji was going against Lilou, he had every rights to do so because Lilou bit which was a very disrespectful action, thus, Benji was pissed.
      In this case, Benji merely hates fake bboys and in his mindset he believes that all REDBULL BC ONE bboys are fake. So he put menno, who was the latest RBC1 champ, to the test. At the end of the battle, Benji respected Menno as for stepping up to show that he’s for real.
      Lilou on the other hand did not.
      It’s true when it goes down that EVERY BBOYS HAS THE OBLIGATION TO DANCE because that’s how it started back in the ghetto. Without that foundation, bboys would just be dancing for what? Money? Back then, money didn’t matter. It was all about coming together defending your own proclamation that you have a statement of saying “yo, I’m the best” and to be better, “I wanna take out the rest”. That’s the real bboy essence.

      • Diego Banks says:

        I disagree with your statement that bboys are “OBLIGATED” to dance if they´re called out. The bboys has not obligation to do so. No to do so is disrespectful yeah, but if you’re not prepared if you don’t have the equipment it’s more than ok no to do so. Like Poe One said, “There’s a time and place to call some one out.”.
        Also, Benji was being way more disrespectful to call him out specially to go there wearing a shit that says “Lilou is a cocksucker”. If you don’t respect the bboys as a bboy or if he is acting disrespectful then there is no disrespect in not wanting to battle him. Battling is supposed to be out of respect. To improve, to test yourself and the person you are challenging, but if the guy comes in a disrespectful way only trying to diss you with no sportsmanship then it’s more than OK to not want to battle.
        Just read what Nikolia wrote “Benji tried this same schtick with Lilou in 2013, a MONTH before BC One. There was NO WAY Lilou would have been allowed by his contract… to go full battle…before the big event. So Benji catches some shine without having to do anything but wear a tshirt… I was confused about it for awhile, and even sided with Benji for a bit. Then Menno happened. And the more I think about it the oogier it gets…”

        He has the idea.

        I do agree that it’s cool to call someone out and just start a battle like back in the day. But to begin with you don’t come to shame someone, if you gonna battle you do it with respect. And like Mex One said in this article “Not in front of the cameras”. But you don’t go to try to shame someone just for the attention.

        Anyways I know I wrote a lot, but please read it all if you wanna reply, if not just ignore it. If you only half read it you won’t get my point the way I said it.

  4. spectre says:

    aucune musicalité sur des gros son meskine benji il devrait faire du cirque et encor il se ferait rouster par des petite chinoise !!! t depassé le break c plus les anéés 2000

  5. […] week we made a post addressing the Benji vs Menno call out. Since then, Youval has uploaded a video to his Facebook […]

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