Break'n Reality

BREAK’N Reality

Over the course of one year, Redbull followed Roxrite, Neguin, and Lilou for the filming of a new TV series called ‘Break’n Reality’, which is set to launch this Spring. Throughout this time frame, cameras captured these bboys as they traveled, trained, returned home, spent time with family, and all of the moments in between– giving us a glimpse into who they are as people as well as bboys. We were on site for some of the filming, and are looking forward checking out the series when it airs!

“Break’n Reality brings you close to their roots, their thinking and dedication; it shows another side of B-Boying that can not be found when seeing them dance during events. It shows the private site of each of those B-Boys, their training, their family life, their dedication to their culture and what role B-Boying takes in their lives.

Who they are, where they come from, what challenges them, what drives them, the expectations weighed upon them, by friends, family, mentors, students and, most importantly, themselves and why B-Boying and Hip Hop mean more to them than any other culture or direction in music.” 

*NOTE: You already know we cringe at the use of the term ‘breakdance’ (-_-), so it’s good to see Redbull starting to use ‘b-boy’ / ‘b-boying’ instead for most of the promotional material for the show.

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