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The Bboy Spot Legacy Will Continue

As many of you know we lost the founder and creator of The Bboy Spot, David “Mex One” Alvarado. Mex was a huge part of our culture and always cared about community first. He cared so much for the people and made a positive impact on many lives. Through out the past several weeks, so many people have reached out to share their stories of the impact Mex had in their lives. The support has… Read more

The future of BBS and Biggest&Baddest

As we all know, we lost our dear friend David “MexOne” Alvarado last week. There are many questions people have asked about the situation, but the one we hear the most is “Will TheBboySpot live on?”, “Will Biggest & Baddest continue?”. These are questions that we are also dealing with ourselves and are trying to figure out correctly. When something like this happens there are so many factors that need to be taken into account… Read more

No U.S. Breakers to Be Included in 2018 Youth Olympic Games

Recently the news of “No US bboys allowed in the 2018 Youth Olympics” has sparked a lot of’s what we know so far… UPDATE NUMBER #1 The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) provided notice today that it does not plan to include any breakers in the U.S. delegation to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. This is because each country is limited to 75 athletes in individual sports in the Youth Olympic Games, and the… Read more

Breakin News: Vitor( MFKids – Squadron) newest Red Bull BC One All Star.

Victor (MF Kids – Squadron) was announced as the newest member of the Red Bull BC One All Stars. Victor has been killing it in the scene for years now and his 2015 competitive year is considered the greatest competitive year in the Breakin’communities history. His body of work when it comes to BC One competitions is 2nd to none (or maybe only to few). Check out his resume when it comes to Red Bull… Read more

TBT: To promoters with UDEF/Silverback Bboy Events sanctioned/sponsored jams.

UDEF/SBE took the USA breaking community by storm in 2014. Sponsoring jams left and right. Promising and delivering on these high price money events. Nothing like it has ever taken place in our community. Forget a “2nd place” prize, bboys/bgirls knew that just placing into the top 16 would get them a prize. 2014 was like Christmas all year round. Promoters went from being skeptical to lining up for sponsorship. For 2015, UEDF/SBE is sanctioning/sponsoring… Read more

Freestyle Session Worldwide canvases on sale to raise money for Zulu Rema!!

2 week ago we posted the story of fellow bboy Zulu Rema who is in desperately needs of new prosthetic legs. Freestyle Session founder Cros One took it upon himself to start up a Go Fund Me to try and raise the funds for Rema. While the Go Fund Me started strong, it has slowed down a bit. Cros decided to step it up a notch to help raise the balance needed. Original blog HERE… Read more

2017 Pro Breaking Tour schedule

The 2017 Pro Breaking Tour schedule is here! It’s time to check your calendars and request those vacation days off for your favorite events of the tour! We are looking forward to another great calendar year of events. Make sure to visit for future updates and recaps! is back in FULL EFFECT!!

Hey everyone, hope you all are having an incredible start to 2017. As you may or may not know, we have been very absent from posting blogs or updating our front page. Reason for it? Sadly, in late December someone tried to hack into our web page and triggered a Google warning that prevented many from viewing our front page. If you were one of them, this was the warning you got: But we resolved… Read more

TBT: One Love to Freestyle Session!

Coming up in the game there was one website that I’ve always gone to back in the days around 99-2000. That site was I remember the days (before even Wi-fi was around) here i watched a clip of Boy HaviKORO doing some crazy elbow air flares. I would follow the threads, topics, debates and even the drama that were taking place in our community. I was a kid in the background but I always… Read more

Silverback Open Championships 2016: The $100.000 jam!

Lets go to the mid 90’s and the birth of what was to become the bboy/bgirl community in the USA. Breakin’ may have started in the 70’s but jams in the United States becoming what they are today didn’t really come about till the mid 90’s. In those days, it was all about meeting up, having fun, and getting loose. Jams didn’t have “competition” battles, the jams didn’t have categories. By the late 90’s, the… Read more

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