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In our recent blog about Steve (aka bboy Silverback from Silverback Bboy Events) we wrote a statement regarding how often we are asked about what UDEF/PBT represent and what the organizations “want” or are trying to do in the community. Silverback/UDEF approached us to answer a few questions the community may have.   • Silverback Bboy Events was formed as a philanthropic initiative to provide funding support, business advice and legal resources to the bboy… Read more

Break Free Hiphop School Grand Opening!!

Last Saturday, August 27th, Break Free Hiphop School opened its doors yet again! But this time in a beautiful new location in downtown Houston, TX. This marks the 3rd time Break Free has upgraded its location in the last 5 years. We want to send a massive congratulations to Moy, Jeremy, Rob, Jesse and the rest of the Break Free staff!! You guys are amazing role models! If you’re ever in Houston, TX,Break Free Hiphop… Read more

A message to everyone that makes Breaking trailers…By Lean Rock

A recent post by Lean Rock caught our attention and since we agree, we figure we would spread the word. Please stop using dubstep or any kind of EDM in your Breaking trailers. I know you’re trying to make your videos look very epic but we already have music that we actually dance to. I think it can be very confusing and very misleading for beginners or people that just get into our dance or… Read more


We would like to share a statement that went a bit unnoticed but very much deserving of attention. The statement came courtesy of NESS from MZK (formerly Mighty Zulu Kingz) and goes as follows: To our family, friends, supporters, and Hip Hop enthusiast worldwide. We, the members of MZK, formerly known as “Mighty Zulu Kingz/Kweenz Worldwide”, hereinafter referred to as “MZK”, have elected to take on a major change in our organization. Effective immediately, MZK… Read more

Happy Birthday shout out to The General Rox Rite!

We would like to send a very special shout out to a great friend… ROXRITE is turning 34 today! What can we say about ROXRITE? He will probably go down as one of the greatest to ever do it, no matter the generation. Rox is a perfect example of what it takes to be a professional bboy and is paving the way for future bboys to be full time bboys. Aside from his skill, he… Read more


Houstons only school of Hiphop, Break Free Community Center, tackles its greatest challenge yet! A dance-a-thon that wont end until the school raises 2,016 scholarships for under privilege youths! Check out the full info below: Beginning Wednesday, March 23rd at 5AM, we will be dancing 24/7, rain or shine at an undisclosed public location in Houston — until we raise 2,016 scholarships for Houston area youth. We are 1000% committed in the belief that Hip-Hop… Read more

Major changes from Red Bull BC One for 2016.

As most already know, Red Bull BC One will be changing its format for 2016. Red Bull decided it was time for a change of direction and took away the 6 Regional Championships and instead will replace them with what we would like to call Red Bull BC One Culture Camps. These camps will focus on bringing back the essence Hiphop back into the community through education.   Below is a statement taken from RedBullBCOne’s… Read more

UDEF’s Pro Breaking Tour 2016 calendar year

The Pro Breaking Tour is back for its 2016 calendar year. 30+ tour events in 15 different states + Puerto Rico and Canada will be taking place this year. Take a look at the event schedule below and make sure to visit to keep up to date with the tour. Mark your calendars because the 2016 Pro Breaking Tour will be one for the books!!

FBF: Breaking News: The Undisputed World Bboy Series

For years there has been meetings among the top promoters in the world to come together and create a partnership to do something bigger for the Breakin community across the world. Finally in 2012 talks about creating a “world series” of events made the partnership come to life. We are proud to announce UNDISPUTED world bboy series, 8 of the top events across the world will host a 1 vs 1 Bboy/Bgirl competition resulting in 8 Champions. The 8 champions will… Read more


Nearly a year ago when we closed down TheBboySpot facility, we started getting questions about where people can go and purchase Biggest&Baddest gear in Orlando, FL. Emails from across the world came from supporters visiting Orlando so we knew something had to be done. So we did! We teamed up with our good homies at over at Uncle Tony’s Donut Shoppe (@DonutShoppe in Instagram) to bring you the 1st ever Biggest&Baddest POP-UP SHOP! There, You… Read more

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