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Red Bull BC One Fort Lauderdale Cypher Battle Bracket

Here it is! What many bboys in the Southern region part of the USA have been waiting for. The Red Bull BC ONE Ft. Lauderdale Southern USA regional cypher! The event will take place June 27th. We have 16 bboys from 4 different southern states competing for a spot in this years RED BULL BC ONE N. AMERICA FINALS going down in Orlando, FL Aug 22nd 2015. Red Bull BC One Ft. Lauderdale Cypher event… Read more

Throwback Thursday: The Bboy Spot Closing Its’ Doors, To Be Continued…

Originally posted on 6/16/2014 This blog has been a few months coming. More than a few already know but after this blog, everyone will. After a 5 year run, The Bboy Spot is closing it doors July 31st. Straight and to the point: WHY? Because our contract with the facility is coming to an end. We have a new dream, a bigger dream. Our dream is to BUY OUR OWN FACILITY. About 8-9 months ago,… Read more

Bboy Focus and bgirl A.T present: The Bboy/Bgirl Dojo at

The Bboy DOJO, what is it? In a few words: The perfect online source for all interested in learning/improve the art of Breaking. Bboy Focus and Bgirl A.T really went far and beyond with this amazing project. Everything you can imagine is there. HUNDREDS of instructional videos well presented and broken down. The dojo covers all levels from the guy/girl interested in taking their 1st breaking step to a seasoned bboy/bgirl looking to sharpen/improve fundamental… Read more

Yalta Summer Jam 2014 | Yes or No ?

After very rough times in Ukraine and especially the Crimea Area (location of the Yalta Sumemr Jam), lot of people have been questioning whether the Yalta Summer Jam will take place this year or not. We approached Scream of South Bboys Front crew and the main organizer of the jam to tell us more about the current situation. Scream: “Our event is in the really hard situation! We don’t have any support of our friends… Read more

Skill Brat Renegades Break and Destroy National Workshop Tour

Something HISTORIC is about to go take place tomorrow. For the 1st time in history, a national workshop tour is taking place. Bboys Kid David, Casper and Luigi embark on a 16 city tour that will take them from California to as far east as Louisiana. The fellas will be driving from city to city sharing their knowledge of the dance and culture. Every stop will be unique and every workshop will be exciting. The… Read more

The Truth About the “BREAKIN ILLUMINATI”

These last few days the “Breakin’ Illuminati” has been getting lots of attention. It has led me to write the truth about the secret breakin’ organization that controls all things breakin’ world wide……….. Our last two blogs got a ridiculous amount of hits due to mention of the..”illuminati”. Some people wrote some pretty messed up things, and others contacted us directly saying they will no longer support The Bboy Spot or famous bboys, LOL! The fact that I have… Read more


When the spot was created we set out to give The Bboy Spot blog an identity. We feel that we have achieved our goal. Bboys and bgirls now know what to expect from a BBS blog. We don’t do “cute”, we rarely do “funny”, or base our blogs solely on footage. For that reason, we are now more than happy to accept guest bloggers from within the community! We hope The Spot becomes an outlet… Read more

Outbreak Hip Hop Festival to Break Free 2013 Charter Bus

This one goes out to all the out of state and overseas bboys and bgirls coming to Outbreak Hip Hop Festival 10 Year Anniversary. The week after Outbreak, The Bboy Spot is doing our best to organize a charter bus equipped with a bathroom, comfortable seats, television to watch some really great footage as well as Wifi (because we know how much everyone loves Wifi). Why should you do it? Because Outbreak and Break Free… Read more

Pete Rock & C.L Smooth “They Reminisce Over You” – RIP Nat Havikoro

For the rest of the week, we will give homage to Bboy Nat (HaviKORO, Houston, TX) whose life was unexpectedly cut short. In times like this, we reminisce and talk about the great memories. Nat was an O.G Texas Bboy legend. He had the fastest power ever. His 90’s and 2000’s were RIDICULOUS. When describing him to younger cats who never saw him I always say, “You’ve seen Wing’s 2000s right?” and they reply with… Read more

Rest in Peace Bboy Nat HaviKORO Houston TX Legend

Man this sucks… browsing my Instagram, I saw a picture Moy reposted only weeks before of Nat (O.G Texas legend) but the wording was the worst thing I could have ever read. Nat passed away after being hit by a drunk driver. Only 2 weeks ago, I was in Houston TX with my boy VicNice and Vicious and I was telling them about Texas Bboy kings and I mention Nat. NAT WAS “THE MAN”. He… Read more

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