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RoxRite presents: Yan The Shrimp interview


In my opinion Yan The Shrimp (All the Most/Russia) is one of the most creative, innovative and original bboys our community has today. In an era when many are screaming, “Do what you want”, “Break how you want”, “Foundation is what you choose” Yan shows us how to do it your way but keep it “Straight Up Bboy”. His flow and style are timeless. 20 years from now when bboys/bgirls see footage of The Shrimp… Read more

A Bboy Golden Rule


I wanted to write a blog that few or no one in our community would think about writing. There’s one unwritten rule, a rule so big that when broken, crews and families are ripped apart. The rule: DO NOT DATE YOUR CREW MEMBER’S EXGIRL. We all know the term “Bros Before Hoes”. Not to call the EXs “hoes” but the first part of the statement is what we want to focus on: “BROS BEFORE”. Crew… Read more

BBS Quotes and Graphics For Ya!


If you follow The Spot on Instagram @TheBboySpot you are familiar with our motivational/inspiration and even controversial quotes/graphics. Incase you’ve missed out, here you go: Take them, re-post them on Facebook/IG, use them as wallpapers and hopefully get inspired by them.

SPEN 1′s “Lace em up” Poster Print


I have always wanted to make a special release print dedicated to the people and the scene that’s made me who I am today. The Bboy scene has always been a huge part of my life. The people i’ve met from attending local jams to traveling out of the country are just incredible and for that I have dedicated this print. Originally a design used for my homie Bboy Tofu‘s jam in Melbourne, Australia “BeatStreat… Read more


Bboy Documentary

When we first got an email about this documentary (BATTLE CRY) which took place in Germany in 2012, our initial reaction was “Ok, why do we care? It’s not our business, not our problem”, but we eventually decided to check it out. From the opening statement it was on… Letter from the event organizer: Hey, yall, first of all I want to say….If you guys really want to upload this documentary about our organization we will not pay any of you guys…… Read more

To the BC ONE haters


No event in our community gets as much “hate” or attention as Red Bull BC ONE. Why is that? Simple, it is the most popular event in our community. Some of you may say, “But of course, it’s organized by Red Bull and Red Bull has all this money, and… [blah blah blah]” Haters, not fans of Red Bull, are the ones that make it the most talked about and popular jam in our community worldwide. To the… Read more

When Power Moves Used to be Powerful


So I was looking for some dope power clips on the web, and I just couldn’t find any new generation clips that truly had an impact. Breaking has changed in so many ways but the truth is, breaking remains breaking. By this I mean the foundation will always remain. Footwork is footwork, a freeze is a freeze, and power is power. I’ve been meaning to speak about power moves… Since the early 2000′s with the… Read more

Foundation: The 3 Pillars


Keeping this blog simple and to the point, we’d like to share with you 3 quotes we picked up over the years on why foundation in your dance is extremely important. Below: what the quotes mean to us. #1 Abstrak- Skill Methodz Foundation is history, it is tradition, it is knowledge. Foundation is a tool needed to reach the end. In this case, the end can be a very dope and creative style. #2 Jeskilz- Cypher… Read more

The Rocket Named Bboy Pocket


With this blog we wanted to go against our norm and recognize a kid that deserves the recognition and much more. Bboy Pocket from Korea’s Morning of Owl. Pocket burst into the scene 4-5 years ago as a little kid with fast power and no shoes. We all knocked him for not wearing shoes and disregarded him as just as a generic power mover but since then, he started wearing shoes and became all but “generic”. Pocket is somewhat of a super… Read more

Something for the Young Generation: Best You Can Be & Having Fun


The Bboy Spot was created to not only to provide a practice spot to bboys/bgirls to develop their skills but to challenge them to become the best they can be. At the Spot, you see it all, from the best of the best bboys/bgirls in the world to teens learning their 1st 6 step. Most of our “regulars” are young bboys in their late teens and early 20′s, that come day after day trying to develop their skill and this is where the blog… Read more

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