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Bboy News Podcast Show

If you’ve been in the scene for the last 10 years, its impossible for you not to know about “Bboy News”. The always entertaining and comical bboy show hosted by bboy Smurf and Casper. The show covers what goes on in the breaking community, but always with a twist.. Smurf and Casper say what others won’t, openly diss certain events, bboys, and bgirls but always in a funny and joking (but not really) type way…. Read more

TBT: BBS Quotes and Graphics For Ya!

If you follow The Spot on Instagram @TheBboySpot you are familiar with our motivational/inspiration and even controversial quotes/graphics. Incase you’ve missed out, here you go: Take them, re-post them on Facebook/IG, use them as wallpapers and hopefully get inspired by them.

TBT: KING OF FLORIDA: Lego Flipside Kings

The Bboy Spot is located in Orlando, Florida and originated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For the last 10 years we have been as involved as anyone, if not more, in cultivating the Florida bboy scene and carrying on the strong traditions started by Speedy Legs and Bboy Masters Pro-AM in 1997. There has been one bboy in particular that has been here since the beginning who is still here today making a diference in the Florida bboy community…. Read more

TBT:To the BC ONE haters

No event in our community gets as much “hate” or attention as Red Bull BC ONE. Why is that? Simple, it is the most popular event in our community. Some of you may say, “But of course, it’s organized by Red Bull and Red Bull has all this money, and… [blah blah blah]” Haters, not fans of Red Bull, are the ones that make it the most talked about and popular jam in our community worldwide. To the… Read more

TBT:Biggest&Baddest presents: Hold your own

The Biggest&Baddest slogan “Only The Illest” sure comes to life in this latest promo clip. The clip features the reigning RedBull BC One champ Roxrite having a little 1 on 1 with Cypher Adiktz creator and world renown Bgirl, Jeskilz. The video is a huge shout-out to all the B-Girls out there while stating that no matter what, you should always stand your ground in this game. Released aside the video was this dope ad highlighting the… Read more

TBT:HaviKORO – The Definition Of A Crew

I wrote this back in May of 2011. Since then HaviKORO has done nothing more than continue to bring the words I spoke to life. I want to say a lil something about my boys from HaviKORO. These guys represent everything that it means to be a crew. This is a crew that did it all, but continues to do it and give back to their own community, and that to me is an incredible thing. HaviKORO represents ONLY HOUSTON… Read more

Choice is yours: Favorite break kicks ever

If you’re a true bboy or bgirl, your kicks play a big part of your life. Sneakers have been a part of Hiphop fashion DNA long before Hiphop had a name. Breakers, aka “the original sneaker heads” took the idea of rocking, caring, customizing and preserving your kicks to new levels. If you don’t know the history of the sneaker game, we encourage you to check out the documentary below: With that being said, the… Read more

TBT: 10 Things Bboys/Bgirls Need to Stop Doing

Decided to write a guideline on 10 things I think bboys need to stop doing… Hope you guys find it funny, its mainly for kicks. haha In no particular order #1 STOP POSTING ALL YOUR PRACTICE FOOTAGE ON INSTAGRAM! Talk about 15 seconds of “fame”…. haha. Element of surprise, use it. This one applies more to the younger bboys. #2 BBOYS, STOP GIVING THE “COCK”. BGIRLS, STOP GIVING THE VAGINA & AT TIMES “COCK”. Seriously,… Read more

TBT: 10 Things Bboys & Bgirls Should Be Doing

We pointed out the “don’ts”, now let’s do the “do’s”. A few suggestions we came up with, in no particular order: #10 SHOW UP TO JAMS ON TIME Great way to STOP complaining about there being no cyphers or jams running late. #9 RESPECT THE VENUE / ESTABLISHMENT Pick up after yourself. No one wants to pick up your dirty, sweaty, and smelly t-shirt. #8 BRING YOUR GIRL “FRIENDS” TO JAMS Because bboys do dance… Read more


Daniel from Stance has done it again. 2015’s Bboy/Bgirl portfolio took us through an incredible journey. It is amazing to see what the artform of breaking does for many worldwide. The way this culture connects us and gives to us. This culture is us. We as a community are capable of so much and we shouldn’t take it for granted. As Moy says in his interview “where would I be if not for breaking?” This… Read more

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