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Foundation: The 3 Pillars


Keeping this blog simple and to the point, we’d like to share with you 3 quotes we picked up over the years on why foundation in your dance is extremely important. Below: what the quotes mean to us. #1 Abstrak- Skill Methodz Foundation is history, it is tradition, it is knowledge. Foundation is a tool needed to reach the end. In this case, the end can be a very dope and creative style. #2 Jeskilz- Cypher… Read more

The Rocket Named Bboy Pocket


With this blog we wanted to go against our norm and recognize a kid that deserves the recognition and much more. Bboy Pocket from Korea’s Morning of Owl. Pocket burst into the scene 4-5 years ago as a little kid with fast power and no shoes. We all knocked him for not wearing shoes and disregarded him as just as a generic power mover but since then, he started wearing shoes and became all but “generic”. Pocket is somewhat of a super… Read more

Something for the Young Generation: Best You Can Be & Having Fun


The Bboy Spot was created to not only to provide a practice spot to bboys/bgirls to develop their skills but to challenge them to become the best they can be. At the Spot, you see it all, from the best of the best bboys/bgirls in the world to teens learning their 1st 6 step. Most of our “regulars” are young bboys in their late teens and early 20′s, that come day after day trying to develop their skill and this is where the blog… Read more

10 Things Bboys & Bgirls Should Be Doing


We pointed out the “don’ts”, now let’s do the “do’s”. A few suggestions we came up with, in no particular order: #10 SHOW UP TO JAMS ON TIME Great way to STOP complaining about there being no cyphers or jams running late. #9 RESPECT THE VENUE / ESTABLISHMENT Pick up after yourself. No one wants to pick up your dirty, sweaty, and smelly t-shirt. #8 BRING YOUR GIRL “FRIENDS” TO JAMS Because bboys do dance… Read more

10 Things Bboys/Bgirls Need to Stop Doing


Decided to write a guideline on 10 things I think bboys need to stop doing… Hope you guys find it funny, its mainly for kicks. haha In no particular order #1 STOP POSTING ALL YOUR PRACTICE FOOTAGE ON INSTAGRAM! Talk about 15 seconds of “fame”…. haha. Element of surprise, use it. This one applies more to the younger bboys. #2 BBOYS, STOP GIVING THE “COCK”. BGIRLS, STOP GIVING THE VAGINA & AT TIMES “COCK”. Seriously,… Read more

The Early 2000′s, The Lost Years


I wrote this on a forum back in 2006/2007. At the time the “brand new old school” movement (if you want to call it that) was in effect. Peeps rocking the Pro-Keds, crews repping their colors, graffiti jackets back on the scene, O.G crews were making a comeback… Overall it was possibly the best time of the decade. A complete turn around from the early 2000s. To our featured story from 2006/2007: It started with… Read more

Amazing moves & acrobatics and why it’s not Breakin


The video below should explain to many young breakers why certain “bboys” who claim to have evolved their skill are really not evolving or Breakin at all. In the video you see all sorts of incredible moves and acrobatics. The moves are far more advanced (evolved) than the ones many try to do in the breakin community. The quotes, “it’s not the move, it’s the movement” and “It’s not what you do it’s how you… Read more

Bboy Palmer sparks the CREATEDAILY revolution


Bboy Palmer (HaviKORO) started what many would call a movement. We call it an INSPIRATIONAL REVOLUTION. Since joining Instagram nearly two years ago, Palmer took it upon himself to post creative and inspirational pictures. It took only a few pics for other Instagram users to take notice of his creative approach. As time went on, more amazing pictures were added & Palmer finally gave his revolution a name. #CREATEDAILY. Every amazing picture comes with a quote or a story behind it and the hashtag #CREATEDAILY…. Read more

Let’s Get It Right: It’s Breakin not “Bboyin / Bgirlin”


I want to touch on a topic that most of us find meaningless but should be talked about and hopefully fixed. For the last decade when describing “Breakin” the community has flipped it to “Bboying” but truth be told, the word is incorrect and shouldn’t be used. As KRS ONE says in regards to Rapping and Hiphop. Rap is something you do, Hiphop is something you live. Breakin is something you do, a BBOY/BGIRL is… Read more

SPEN1 Inspired Cakes!


This one has been a long time coming. Our good friend Adrian from Break Free in Houston, TX really looks out for his son Little D (Break Free, HaviKORO) when it comes to his birthday parties. Little D loves Hiphop and his last two birthday parties have both been very Hiphop inspired and have taken place at the Break Free Community Center (which needs your support!). What’s really dope about it is, both cakes have… Read more

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