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Should Ayumi become the 1st Bgirl to represent the Red Bull BC One ALL Stars??

History was made 2 weeks ago when it was announced that Ayumi-Body Carnival from Japan would become the 1st ever bgirl to represent at a Red Bull BC One World Finals competition (Nov. 4th in Amsterdam, Holland). It has taken 14 years for this to happen. The scene has changed drastically since then. We’ve evolved in many different ways, and the bgirls have done so as well. There was a time when bboys and bgirls… Read more

Bgirl Showcase at Battle of the Year 1997

Its International Woman’s Day. We would like to honor the woman in our community, the bgirls. This footage is 20 years old yet its still GOLD. So I decided I was going to write about my 1st video ever, BATTLE OF THE YEAR 1997. BOTY as many now call it, is the longest running bboy event in the world. BOTY 97 means so much to me because it introduced me to a new world. One… Read more

Japanese Bgirl Kanami by photographer Ayato

We recently posted a picture on IG and FB of a Japanese school girl getting down. The bgirl is rocking that footwork with perfect form, dope Puma Suedes with fat laces and of course a school uniform. Little did we know she was soon to become every bboy teenager’s new “bgirl crush”. The picture generated nearly 2,000 likes on IG and 50,000+ views plus hundreds of shares on Facebook. We knew the picture was “dope”… Read more

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