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Outbreak Europe x Legits Blast Festical official highlight clip

Check out the AMAZING experience that was Outbreak Europe X Legits Blast Festival. If you(like me, Mex) missed out, make sure to mark down July 26th – 29th 2018 on your calendar. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR SLOVAKIA!! Outbreak Europe x Legits Blast Official recap:

Favorite commercials featuring bboys from our community

A few months back GAP featured Victor in what we call: “The best ever mainstream commercial featuring a bboy “. The commercial was the 1st of its kind because it was the 1st to give a bboy a voice. It centers around the words Victor uses to describe his movement and style. General public viewers got to listen to one of our own speak. This kind of advertisement is what you call “revolutionary”. Check out… Read more

Intact vs Lussy Sky cypher battle

Something rarely seen today. Two “known” bboys going at it just because. With breaking being so competition based and bboys expecting to get paid for expo battles, the rawness of call outs are rare. Its very much common today for some bboys to stretch and warm up back stage vs actually hitting cyphers during the down time. We are all free to do as we want, we can call it the “evolution” of the dance,… Read more

TBT: 80’s Pop Culture. Music Videos featuring Bboys & Bgirls

At its peak in the 80’s Breakin reached such a level that it become a worldwide phenomenon. Deeply integrated in 80s pop culture, Breakin was a dance style kids from all walks of life wanted to be a part of. From every school to every mall to every sidewalk, you could see kids with their cardboard floors attempting to do a windmill. “BREAKDANCING” IN THE 1980S We had movies like Flashdance, Beat Street and Breakin… Read more

TBT: Outbreak Hiphop Festival 10 Year Anniversary Highlight clip

2013 was a very special year for us at The Bboy Spot.  We again had the opportunity to travel the world, attend some of the biggest events and many underground local ones as well. We visited new countries and made many friends but 2013 will forever go down as the year of OUTBREAK. Our last edition was an incredible success. AGE from Mind180 made a highlight clip that demonstrates what Outbreak was all about: Hiphop Culture in full effect…. Read more


Wu-Tang’s own Raekwon Da Chef came out strong with his first solo release ONLY BUILT 4 CUBAN LINX and its hit single, “Heaven & Hell”. The track discusses the drug dealings going on in the streets and how everything revolves around it (Not much has changed in the ghettos). To be a young black man growing up in the inner city of the early 90’s was no easy task. Songs like Heaven & Hell reflect… Read more

BBOY IMAGES 2015 – Mason Rose X UDEF X Silverback

This clip is so nice we had to share it twice!..or three, four times actually. We just had to write about it. Not long ago we wrote how “disappointed” we’ve been with promo/highlight clips lately, but this clip right here…..this is what we’re talking about! The song is funky and the footage is groovy. A great showing of the artistic side of Breaking. The clip screams ART FORM. Love the get downs, the tops, the… Read more


Freestyle Session 8 2004, Queen Mary, LA. Our first battle in the United States. Freestyle Session 8 was the place to be, 80 big crews from all over the world. After seeing all the VHS tapes we just simply had to make it there, work hard and save the money and we did it. A dream come true to battle the people we grew up looking up to. The elimination round was against Rock Steady… Read more

Bboy Smurf presents BBOY NEWS APRIL 2015

Smurf: Dope bboy, dope artist and a pretty damn comedic genius. The Bboy news production is super on point with the script, the editing, even Smurf’s news anchor character is crazy on point. We’ve been following his work since the days of “Enemies with Everybody” along with his partner in crime Casper. All in all Smurf has made some pretty damn classic clips. Don’t know what else to write aside of ENJOY! Check out his… Read more


How dope is this video!? We always speak about Hiphop uniting the world. Its great to see such a collaboration go down. Check out what Hiphop for the World represents. Taken from the Youtube description: 14 rappers from 14 different countries express their love for Hip Hop in their own languages and styles. #HIPHOPISHIPHOP is a movement initiated to unite the world under one love for Hip Hop, one hope for peace, and one dream… Read more

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