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The GZA, Tom Morello, The Roots, Crazy Legs and ABgirl performance at The Tonight Show

Earlier this week The GZA, along side Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) and The Roots featuring Crazy Legs and Abgirl performed at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. GZA performed the new version of his single “The Mexican” a remake from a 1972 classic. Knowing the importance of The Mexican for bboys and bgirls, GZA reached out to Crazy Legs to perform along him and give life to what the song means to our… Read more

Drifterz Crew 2015 Demo reel

FINALLY! A BREATH OF FRESH AIR…….. I’ve been feeling kind of on the outside when it comes to highlight clips these last few years. I rarely like them. Coming up in the scene in the late 90’s / early 2000’s a highlight clip was a mega big deal. Bboys/bgirls from across the world waited in anticipation for the drop of the new Freestyle Session Clip or went nuts over certain crew clips. Clips had a… Read more

The Warriors Full Movie

Growing up in the scene, my friends and I wanted to learn as much as possible about Hiphop and all things related to the culture. Rap music of the ’90s was always filled with timelines of the past. Bits and pieces of history for us to discover. Blog: Below are a few examples: Nas Illmatic intro starts with a scene from “Wild Style” Nas: The Genesis Intro:   Ghostface’s Ironman album quoted “Education of… Read more

Bboys T-Co and Flea Rock (Skill Methodz) get arrested in Venice for no apparent reason

By now most everyone in our community has seen the video of T-Co(Florida Bboy) and Flea Rock (Skill Methodz) getting arrested in the middle of their performance in Venice Beach California. The question is WHY? WHAT DID THEY DO TO DESERVE SUCH TREATMENT? WHY DID THEY GET SINGLED OUT WHEN YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE OTHER PERFORMERS IN THE BACKGROUND THAT NEVER GOT QUESTIONED OR ARRESTED. Street performing is legal in Venice. Street Dogz (Hitting Crew)… Read more

The Bboy Spot Cribs by Step X Step

A you may have heard, The Bboy Spot center is officially closing its doors. If you didn’t know, read why: THE SPOT CLOSING ITS DOORS  Step X Step recently stopped by and had a “cribs” style tour of The Spot. We are happy to have the facility documented in history before it’s doors shut down. Many great memories in this place but before this facility, we had great memories in our older location and the one before that. We will one… Read more

BTWN THE BRKS presents: Beware of the Boogeyman shortfilm

The Freak Show… If you came up in the breaking scene back in the mid to late 2000s you knew “The Freak Show” and probably didn’t like them. You either didn’t like their moves, style, or the way they dressed but if you got to know these fellas, you’d realize these dudes were aight. (I met them in 2004 and got to chill and train with them) When it comes to Boogeyman, there is more than meets the eye or in this… Read more

The Night James Brown Saved Boston

This past Saturday May 3rd, Mr excitement, Mr. Dynamite, the hardest working man in show business, Mr. James Brown would have turned 81 years old. KING JAMES (The REAL KING JAMES) passed away Christmas day 2006. We don’t need to speak on James’s impact in Hiphop Culture. One can say if not for his music, Hiphop culture may not exist. What James Brown did on the night of April 5th changed history and saved Boston, MA from having its own… Read more


While on his recent trip to Florida, Kid David teamed up with Felix (drummer of Fusik) to create something unique, something different that portraits the beauty of our dance. The result was a fusion of art and style. A MASTER PIECE. We reached out to Kid David and asked him where the idea behind the project came from: “I had always wanted to make a clip of my drumming connected to my breaking. The original concept was… Read more

Get on Up: The James Brown Story

This summer, its about to go down. The incredible life story of James Brown aka Mr. Dynamite the hardest working man in show business aka Soul brother #1 and The Godfather of Soul hits theaters in the blockbuster movie GET ON UP. The film will give an inside look at the man, the legend. From his childhood years  to worldwide icon and becoming one of the most influential figures of the 20th century. We simply cant wait for opening night.  We encourage everyone… Read more

Inspirational battle: Bboy Lazy Legs vs Bboy Hourth

This one is an oldie but a goodie. At times, we all makes excuses on why we “can’t”, not realizing it’s more like we don’t want to. Theres been times that bboys might be consider too old or too out of shape, injured, too tall or short for Breakin. We let the opinions of others stop us from achieving things or taking a challenge. This video is proof that if you want it, GO GET IT. Lazy Legs… Read more

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