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Phaze II

Chicago’s own crosstown crew Phaze II celebrated their 32 years of existence earlier this month. The recent occasion reminded us of a very important piece of history shot by Cypher Adikts own JeSkilz 2 years ago. The story goes a little something like this…… Wicked welcomed us with open arms into his home and gave us a Phaze II history lesson of a lifetime. I’ve always known about him and Phaze II, but never really… Read more

Malcolm X and Hiphop Culture: REST IN PEACE MALCOLM X


El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz May 19th, 1925 – February 21st, 1965 Today we morn the death of my personal hero, Malcolm X.The Bboy Spot’s slogan is “Strictly Bboyin and Always Hiphop”. Malcolm X, like James Brown, was critical to the Hiphop movement being born. If James Brown is the most sampled artist in rap music, Malcolm X might just be the most quoted speaker by rap artists. Many of the illest MC’s of our time have quoted or used Malcolm… Read more

Rest In Peace, James Brown

James Brown - Foto Luca d'AgostinoPhocus Agency © 1998

Yesterday marked the sixth anniversary of James Brown’s passing and we just wanted to take some time out to honor a man who has influenced our culture so much. His music has been sampled on thousands of tracks of various genres, while his showmanship and dance moves have had an undeniably huge impact on the breaking community. Rest in peace, JB! Your music and soul will live forever through us.



I would like to send out a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to a great friend and mentor, Trac 2. Since meeting Trac a few years back he has always been there for me any time I’ve had a question to ask. The one thing I love about him is how he always carries himself among the crowd. Always with great class and honor, but humble to shake hands and talk to anyone in our community. Love you Trac,… Read more


Tracy 168

Last year we lost Case 2 and earlier in this year we also saw the passing of Stay High 149. We are sad to now hear the news that another graffiti pioneer leaves us this year, this time the legendary Tracy 168. The originator of “Wildstyle” will be missed by the culture and we only wish the best for his family and friends.  

Remembering Jam Master Jay


Hard to believe that today marks 10 years since the passing of one of hip hop’s greatest icons, Jam Master Jay; a murder which remains unsolved today. While hoping to find new information on the circumstances surrounding his death (which by the way, sadly, there is none), I came across this video from a time where MTV was about promoting more than being 16 and pregnant or untalented people fist pumping in Jersey Shore. There… Read more

Double Birthday Sunday: Float (Floorlords) & Wicket (Renegades)


Two huge inspirations are celebrating their birthdays today. Float of Floorlords Crew, one of the best and most inspirational bboys of all time and Wicket of Renegades Crew,  one of the illest bboys of the 90′s and beyond.  A special ‘Happy Birthday’ shout out to the both of them! We appreciate your contributions to the community and culture. Enjoy your day fellas..



Back in 86′ hiphop was boomin’…literally. With the rise of the culture and hiphop heads on possibly every corner of every major city, one thing they never left home without was their music. As boomboxes were also at the peak of their popularity during the time, every kid had their box. Some notable boxes that were the loudest were the JVC M90 and the Sharp GF-777. These boxes were really equipped to crack concrete not only with their weight… Read more

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