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House of Dance HipHop Community Center Day at The Bboy Spot


If there’s a breaking community in the USA that supports like no other it’s the Minnesota breaking community. MN bboys define what “paying dues” is all about. The guys travel state to state on their own account supporting jams across America and have been doing so for many years. ITS OUR TURN TO GIVE BACK For the next 24 hours TheBboyspot/store WILL DONATE 50% OF ALL PROFIT TO “HOUSE OF DANCE”, Minnesota’s 1st HipHop Community… Read more

It’s Called Gentrification – How to Grow The Breakin Community


I want to give everyone an inside look into my mind. Lots of people view me as a “business” person but the reality is, I am much more of a community person and my mindset always has been. How do we elevate the breaking community? I seek inspiration in everything: from business ventures that flourished, to the skating community, documentaries, and movies. A certain scene from an iconic Hip Hop film is the backbone behind… Read more

VALUES: Kapi’s Intervention on Spanish TV


We all know what happens with mass media. It’s been showing to the public a watered down, sugar-free, corny version of what we do for decades. And I don’t blame them. They do what they do because they don’t know better; they assume the spectator wants that. And in reality, there’s nothing further from the truth. If you teach or give lectures maybe you have experienced what I like to call the “epiphany moment”. It… Read more



To some, this culture is about the after parties and bullshit. To others, its so much more. Journalist-turned-documentarian Adam Sjoberg’s new film sprawls across four countries to chronicle the stories of young hip-hop fans. To teenagers in South America, Africa and Asia, the cultural movement isn’t about fame or fortune — it’s about hope and their individual power. Sjoberg discovers that through breakin, young people are enacting social change around the globe. – Matt Patches, Hollywood Reporter

Battle of the Year Blog #3: The Movie & The Community


Last week, I wrote a blog about Battle of the Year dance contest going across the USA. The blog focused on choreo dancers judging the contest and not allowing bboy/bgirls to win. Everyone quickly turned around and reacted negatively. “F Battle of the Year!”, “The movie is a fake!”, “It’s not Hiphop!”, blah blah blah…and one more blah. The blog got taken completely out of context in every way possible. Blog #1: Battle of the… Read more

The Problem with Hiphop is……..?


We all have a view on what is wrong with Hiphop culture; We blame the media, we blame the music industry… In the breaking community some go as far as blaming Red Bull. There’s so much wrong with our culture because to all of us it means something is different. Some see it as an artistic skill, others as a party, and many just as music and so on. To me, Hiphop culture is about… Read more



It was brought to my attention that Battle of the Year is having “Dance Off” Battles across the nation to promote the movie being released late September. Apparently the “contest” is being judged by choreo dancers and not Bboys. My question is, “Why?” With so many great Bboys in the movie and the movie being about BREAKIN, why wouldn’t they hire the featured bboys to fly out to these cities and Why have choreo dancers… Read more

Break Free Day at The Bboy Spot


As you guys know, our great friends at Break Free Community Center in Houston, TX have a kickstarter campaign going on all month long. Break Free is calling out for support from the community in order to help raise funds to renovate their facility. For more information on what they’re trying to do, read this article we posted a few days ago. To help our friends out, we decided that the next 24 hours will… Read more

Create the Escape – Break Free’s Future


One of the greatest things we can say about our community is how it inspires and motivates people to give back to it. Many of us may not have had a lot of opportunities growing up and the Hiphop and breaking community may have given us the opportunities of a lifetime. Located in South East Houston is the Break Free Community Center (BFCC), a safe haven for young children and adults to grow and be… Read more

Our Community: UNITY WITHIN


For far too long many have tried to team up to make things better for the community, there have been meetings with the top promoters across the world to discuss what can be done, how things should work, whether or not there needs to be a governing body. These meetings date back almost 10 years but truthfully when one is worried or concerned solely on the longevity and prosperity of their own events, it’s hard… Read more

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