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Why is Hiphop Culture missing in Breakin events???

For today’s blog we wanted to do a survey on a very important aspect in our scene. Why are most events not very Hiphop? For the last decade, breakin events have been about JUST breakin and not much Hiphop (fyi, this doesn’t apply to all events). Younger generations and others at fault are now referring to the breaking community as “breakin culture” and going as far as to stating that breakin is it’s own culture…. Read more


Commercial rap music used to be dope, official, fresh and so on. MC’s like Biggie and groups like Wu-Tang used to have the best selling albums in America. The music had a purpose, a message. MC’s had something to say and skills to back it up. WHAT HAPPENED?? Seriously what went down for us to have what we have today? Let us tell you what happened…the commercial music industry realized it was better to just… Read more

Youval speaks about Menno vs Benji. Our answer to his question.

Last week we made a post addressing the Benji vs Menno call out. Since then, Youval has uploaded a video to his Facebook page (HERE) with his views on the matter in which he addresses a question to us and as promised here is our reply to the question. The question was: “When Benji got called out by Karimbo last year in Belgium where were you? It was exactly the same scene reversed. He did… Read more

Benji vs Menno The “Call Out”

This will be the last time we speak on the events that occurred over the weekend. Benji struck again. At a jam in France (no surprise there) right after Menno finished his judges solo, Benji jumps on to the floor and does the exact same thing he did vs Lilou. Youval (the host) hypes up the crowd, the cameras get ready and Benji does a round. but that’s where the similarities end. Check out the… Read more

What’s Wrong With Our Community? Your Opinion.

We want to try something different. We want to read what YOU have to say. It’s easy for us to sit here and write about how we feel but instead we want to hear what you have to say, what you see with your own eyes, weekend after weekend at jam after jam. What needs to change and how should we change them? Point out a problem but it would be great if you could also include what would be… Read more

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