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This past weekend I went back to the event that started so much for me in so many ways. My 1st out of state jam, my 1st time entering a competition and my 1st time meeting kids that would go on to become friends till this day(15 years later). The event? Bboy City. After a 3 year hiatus Bboy City returned with a bang. Now part of the Pro Breaking Tour, Bboy City became the… Read more

Silverback Open Championships 2016 Day Two

After the madness that was Silverback Open Championships Day One, it was time for even more madness as day two of the event brought the 3 vs 3 battles. With the worlds best in the building, you knew some bboys would “squad up” but it was great to see some traditional crews in the competition like Found Nation, MZK, Rock Force, East Side Bboys, Supreme Beings, Killafornia, Knuckleheads Cali,Body Carnival, FloMo Crew, Hustle Kidz, and… Read more

Silverback Open Championships 2016 Day One

As I sit here wondering how I can describe Silverback Open Championships 2016, I can’t stop thinking of the many great memories and unforgettable moments that took place at the event. Instead of writing a massively long blog that wouldn’t come close to capturing the event itself, I will do my best by showcasing what took place at the event. But before we start, I would like to point out a few changes that made… Read more

United Outkast 10 Year Anniversary

This past weekend in Bridgeport CT, United Outkast celebrated their 10 Year Anniversary with a bang. The official 21st stop of the Pro Breaking Tour, the event was jammed packed with all sorts of battles and competitions such as footwork/powermove battles, 3 vs 3 battles, and their very own Crazy 8’s battle concept. The event featured a world class line up of Dj’s, judges and competitors. On the wheels of steel was one other than… Read more

F.A.M Fest – Flipside Kings 22 Year Ann recap.

This past weekend, One of Miami’s most historic crews celebrated their 22 years of existence. Flipside Kings 22 Year Ann. became the 19th stop on the Pro Breakin Tour and 2nd consecutive stop in FL. What made the FSK Ann. special, was the cultural atmosphere represented at the event. F.A.M Fest which stand stands for Flipside Arts & Music Festival brought us legendary Miami musicians, artist, writers, DJ’s, MC’s, and bboys all under 1 roof…. Read more


(This Crewsade 2016 recap is brought to you by a guest blogger today, Crumbles! of Gravity Benders.) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Home of Beer, Brats, Cheese, the beloved Green Bay Packers, and now…the Crewsade. Hosted by Yosha Antipov and Sanctioned by UDEF, The Pro Breaking Tour brings to you a one of a kind event for crews to put their skills to the test. Also, the Crewsade National Bboy/Bgirl Battle marked the 10 Year Anniversary of the… Read more

Freestyle Session Florida Qualifier

Freestyle Session Florida officially made its return to the Sunshine State this past weekend as Shaolin Productions hosted Freestyle Session Florida Southeast USA qualifier. While the name may say “south east” it could have easily been names the “USA qualifier” as crews and bboys/bgirls from across the states(and Canada) came out to compete and earn that impressive prize of $900 cash, 3 plane tickets to L.A for Freestyle Session World Finals, hotel accommodations and a… Read more

Hit the Breaks at Tuner Evolution

For the 2nd consecutive year, Hit the Breaks at Tuner Evolution became an official stop in the Pro Breaking Tour(15th stop of the year). After last years success, it was a must. As we wrote last year: “Tuner Evolution took us back to the days of Hot Import Nights. The days of breaking battles, hot girls and hooked up cars. Why do we say that? Because the event took place inside an import car show…. Read more


This past Saturday July 16th, one of the most important crews to come out of the 90’s celebrated their 22 years of history in San Jose, California. Style Elements 22 year Ann. marked the 14th stop of 2016 for the Pro Breaking Tour and it was memorable one. Easily one of the best stops of the year as the tour keeps getting better and better! #SEC22 (official hashtag of the event) featured a 3 vs… Read more


Last Friday the highly anticipated “Battle of The Gods” took place at V1 Festival in Russia. The Breakin’ community came to stand still as many across the world tuned into the free live stream provided by the organizers of the event. After an hour of tuning in to seeing cleaning ladies mopping the floor dry, the internet exploded with funny memes and one liners regarding the mop ladies. Some of our favorite memes: After the… Read more

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