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Massive Monkees Day 2017 Week!

Its Massive Monkees Week! Hailed as one of the illest crews of its generation, MM has stayed consistent and devoted to the community for nearly 20 years. Massive is one of the few crews to be recognized by their city and given the “Key to the city” and official “Day”. Beloved by just about everyone, Massive is like the coolest cool kids. True to their crew philosophy and style, Massive has become somewhat of at… Read more

Break ILL California: Red Bull BC One Los Angeles Cypher – June 3rd.

With the southeast BC One Cypher in the books, its time to move on to the west coast. Who will join Frankie – Supreme Beings(Southeast qualifier winner) in Amsterdam? With Los Angeles being the biggest “break city” in the USA(numbers wise) the talent pool is expected to be world class. The Orlando Cypher had 100+ register to compete, will L.A hit 150? 200? Get ready L.A, this one is going to be ILL. Cypher Adikts… Read more

Legendary Jam: Red Bull BC One Last Chance Orlando Cypher – April. 8th

Our community has come a long way from winning a trophy or $100.00 dollars at a jam. Winning a jam can now reward you with thousands of dollars, experience different countries/cultures across the world and even allow you to make friends world wide. Shoot, we have bboys and bgirls from different countries dating or starting families thanks to the opportunities our community now brings us. With that being said, Red Bull is giving 40+ bboys/bgirls… Read more

Cros One on Bboys and Silverback Open Championships 2016

My brotha Cros One had some strong words for bboys/bgirls that may be having negative remarks regarding Silverback Open Championships. As big as the event is not everyone gets a paid invitation to attend the event. This does not mean these bboys/bgirls are not welcomed, it just means that if they want to attend, they have to do it on their own. Silverback Open Championships is a FREE event for all to attend. Cros Speaks:… Read more

Silverback Open Championships: Favorite Battles

It’s Silverback Open Championships 2016 week! Bboys and Bgirls from across the world will gather in what has become the biggest breaking competition in the world. Over 400+ competitors are expected to compete at the event. In only it’s 3rd edition, SB Open has giving us some memorable and one day, to be legendary, battles. Let’s check out some of our favorites. Thesis vs Niek – Silverback 2014 – Finals We have to put it… Read more

Freestyle Session Canada 2016 event recap

Over the weekend the Pro Breaking Tour made a stop in Toronto Canada for the 1st time this year for Freestyle Session Canada: Rock Harder Edition. FSS Canada marked the 7th stop of the year and what a stop it was. For the 1st time in its history, Canada hosted a Freestyle Session qualifier and the breaking community across the country came out in full force to support. Crews from cities such as: Vancouver, Calgary,… Read more


The weekend of May 23rd the Pro Breaking Tour made it’s way into Denver Colorado for Wanted Bboy Jam. The event hosted a 1 vs 1 Breaking battle for $1,000.00 with 2nd place taking $500.00 and 3rd – 4th place taking $150 each. Double treat with 2 official highlight clips. Icdynasty Trailer 1: Wynn’s Trailer 2: Names you wouldn’t expect to show up, did and with that things got that much better. Bboys like Morris… Read more

FloMO Week 2015. May 4th- 8th

We are doing something we’ve never done before. Dedicate a whole week to one of the illest, freshest, dopest and above that most RESPECTED crews in the world. Finland’s own FloMO crew. Since bursting into the scene back in the mid 2k’s at Freestyle Session 2004 (along with Ghost Crew) FlowMo has been a staple of “excellence” in the breaking community. Many memorable moments define the crew. Who can forget the Circle Kings finals vs… Read more

Flash Back Friday: Havikoro Performance at Red Bull BC One N.American Finals

2 years ago in Houston Texas, Marlon along with HaviKORO put on one of the best BC ONE performances ever. A very touching and memorable moment in time. Red Bull BC One North America Finals took place 2 days ago in Houston, TX. Most know what to expect from a BC One event but this time it was a little different. BC One always incorporated elements of the local/national culture into their performance and typically… Read more


Over the weekend the Pro Breaking Tour hit the city of sin aka Las Vegas, Nevada, for Circa Las Vegas 2015 held by Mig 187 of Knucklehead Zoo and Nico aka True Rock. In recent years Circa has become one of Vegas most popular breaking event. Crews from all over the west came out to represent and get their shot at the title. World renown crews like Killafornia, Knuckleheads, Full Force, Knucklehead Zoo and more… Read more

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