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Outbreak Europe Hiphop Festival 5 year Ann.


Can’t believe its been 5 years since the 1st edition to Outbreak Europe took place. We still remember the 1st ever edition and how people would question us on why we would have an event like “Outbreak” held in a city and country with not much Hiphop history. One of the answers was, Its about building something new, to cultivate a new scene, start a new journey and not piggy back from cities or countries… Read more

Judging Format at Undisputed World Bboy Series Events


When we created the UNDISPUTED WORLD BBOY SERIES a big topic of conversation was what the judges format would be and how can we make something stand out that does not handicap the judges ability to judge the battle as a whole without taking away from their reputable background. We wanted something exciting that could enhance the battle yet keep it simple, functional and raw. It was decided to use the judges format from IBE’s… Read more

Red Bull BC ONE Orlando Cypher Recap


To our surprise, Youtube channel NoAnchorTV created a quick recap of RED BULL BC ONE ORLANDO CYPHER X Freestyle Session Florida Qualifier. While the recap may be small it is great and highlights bboys Full Deck, Dang and TungFu, the eventual Champion. For the 2nd year in a row, this event did not disappoint. We will let the pictures and highlight clip speak for it self. Shout outs to NoAnchorTV for the quick recap, shout outs… Read more

Soul Food 5-Year Anniversary Jam


5 years ago, our great friend Yorick opened his store, Culture Shock TW. The name came from the idea he had about many customers walking into the store having a new culture experience, a Hiphop culture experience. 5 years have come and gone and Yorick has not only achieved great things with the store but has gone to do great things for the Taiwanese Breaking community. His jam, Culture Shock TW is Taiwan’s biggest breaking event. It… Read more

Peace to Outbreak Hiphop Festival 10-Year Anniversary


It’s been a while since we posted a blog.  We’ve been so caught up with traveling and of course, Outbreak Hiphop Festival. We set out to create a jam that no one would forget and from the looks of it, we have achieved that goal. Our official blog, official video and recap of the event is soon to come. Outbreak means so much to so many but for now, we would like to leave you with a very special video… Read more

A West Coast Story: Radiotron 30th Anniversary


To know where you are going, you have to know where you have been. In any culture there are moments in time which stand alone in history. Radiotron is no different. On Sept 7th, 2013 The Hip Hop School of Arts in Pomona, CA hosted the 30th anniversary celebration of this milestone in Bboying/Hip Hop. Radiotron was one of the premier spots in Los Angeles for Hip Hop; all the elements were respected and kept… Read more

Havikoro Performance at Red Bull BC One North American Finals


Red Bull BC One North America Finals took place 2 days ago in Houston, TX. Most know what to expect from a BC One event but this time it was a little different. BC One always incorporated elements of the local/national culture into their performance and typically were not Hiphop or breakin related. This time around it featured the brown kids from the brown Houston streets. Houston’s very own lit it up with an incredible… Read more

Cypher Adikts, Freestyle Session, Red Bull BC One Orlando Recap


After months of hard work and preparation, Cypher Adikts, Freestyle Session USA Finals and Red Bull BC One Orlando Cypher finally went down last weekend in Orlando, Florida. Bboys and Bgirls from across the world came out to show their support and represent. I spotted bboys & bgirls from California, New York, Philadelphia, Texas, Boston, Detroit and many other cities and states. Bboys and Bgirls from countries such as Canada, Russia, Japan, Romania, Scotland and… Read more



Sin City was set afire last night as the best b-boys from the West Coast went head to head in a fierce battle during the Red Bull BC One Cypher under the lighted canopy at the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas. The open-air location allowed more than 2,000 spectators to be treated to a night of intense battles, and ultimately, the Red Bull BC One judges Neguin (Red Bull BC One All Star),… Read more

Originality Never Ends


Starting this week, Style Elements will be releasing exclusive footage weekly, with interviews, clips, photos, projects, knowledge, and more up until the Style Elements 19th Year Anniversary on June 21-23 in San Jose, CA. For more info, visit for the official Facebook event page where the updates will source from, and visit for more information and future presale ticket deals. Our first video is an interview with the legendary Mr. Wiggles (Rocksteady /Electric… Read more

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