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R.I.P To The Legendary Frosty Freeze


Today we once again pay our respects to the one and only, the legendary Frosty Freeze Ta Pleeze. Its been 6 years since he left us in the physical but Frosty is and will always be with us in the spiritual.


RIP Dustin RAZE Pike

Just got some really sad news. One of my good friends in the bboy community, Raze,  passed away last night. In our community you build friendships that are always so meaningful. Raze flew me out to judge his jam in Michigan, and he often called me to ask for advice. Once he called asking if it would be smarter to move to Florida or Vegas, he chose Vegas, and he often would call just to catch up….. (Man,… Read more

Rest in power: Stay High 149


Beginning in 1971, Wayne “Stay High 149″ Roberts started tagging up the insides of trains with his name. He would do so until 1973 as a messenger for the world trade center in NYC. Later he would change his name to “Voice of the ghetto” after a run in with the law in 1973. Little did he know he would become the graffiti icon that he is today. Stay High passed away on Monday and although… Read more



Two ago years today the Hiphop community lost one of the greatest to EVER do it. GURU was not only the founder of GANGSTARR, but a master at his craft. His monotone rap style is legendary and once felt can never be forgotten. We salute you today “RU”  (as his close friends called him) and you shall never be forgotten. I read once somewhere that DJ PREMIER’s favorite track that he ever layed down with Guru was… Read more

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