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Nasty Ray’s Vlog

Needing no introduction, the good homie Nasty Ray has been posting up video blogs over the past couple weeks and they just as entertaining as the man himself. If there is one person you can always count on to lift your spirit’s, it’s probably Always refreshing to see people in our community venture out and do other things. Check out his channel HERE and give him a sub. Here’s a link to VLOG#1 Also, check… Read more

TBT: RedBull BC One’s Turn It Loose official Trailer

in 2007, Red Bull BC One started work on a documentary that focused on the life of 5 bboys as they prepared for Red Bull BC One 2007 in Soweto South Africa. Lilou, Ben-J, Ronnie, Taisuke, Hong 10 and Rox Rite opened up to the cameras to tell their stories. A story that has to do more about the trials and tribulations of life. Lilou opens up about his Islamic faith and how he uses… Read more

Abstrak SKMZ – Break Theory

If there is a bboy out there that fully embodies the definition of movement and flow it has to be SKMZ’s own Abstrak. The way he moves, the way he flows; it always appears to be effortless, flawless. Always in control no matter how small the cypher or how big the stage. Abstrak is a true master of movement. Check out the raw footage below.

TBT: BBOY for LIFE Documentary

We recently found out about this film through our friends at Strife TV, and after checking out the trailer for this project we definitely felt the need to help spread the word. Nadus Films, which focuses on documenting often unheard of and overlooked social issues worldwide, embarked on a mission to share the powerful story of how bboys in Guatemala are affected by the violent gang oriented lifestyle surrounding them.  A Kickstarter was created to help… Read more


For those that may not know, there is an Instagram account named @WaysoftheBboy. The account quotes all type of bboys and bgirls from some of their best quotes on Instagram. The account does not discriminate as it features famous and not so famous name in our community. We have been lucky to be featured on the account. It is our turn to feature them and we do it with our favorites (in no particular order)…. Read more


A few weeks back at I.B.E 2012, decided to ask many influential bboys and figures in our community what the future of our community holds or might be. Some of these fellas did not seem to understand the question, but some of them gave really great insight on what they feel the community should be like and hopefully will be like. One interview stood out to me above all, and that is because I… Read more


You cant really speak about FloMO without mentioning two of their illest members A.T and Taya T-Flow. The dynamic due probably rank in the top 5 bgirls in the world list(if there was one). What Taya did in the mid 2k’s AT has continued to do throughout the last 5 years. Run cyphers, burn bboys and take the “Bgirl” skill level to new heights. This is their story… Story of a student and a master… Read more

Building a legacy as a crew, on and off the floor

These times of individuality get people running after the crown. It’s cool to train hard to win battles. But if you train 2 or maybe even 4 hours a day, you’ve got 20 more hours left in a day to be productive on other fields. What will happen if you get injured in the dance? If you base your life only on your moves, this will make your life fall. A grown man or a… Read more

From the Basements to the Mecca

Rock Steady Crew 29th Anniversary Crew Battle narrated by Rome-1 “The 29th RSC Anniversary became a defining landmark in Flow Mo’s history by winning the crew battle competition. Since the birth of the crew Flow Mo had travelled around the world to rock cyphers and enter competitions with a thirst to prove that our underground bboy movement hailing from humble beginnings in basements and even our parents’ living rooms was something else. You have to… Read more


Last night Bboy Reveal wrote something on his Facebook page that was really inspiring. We feel its something our community should read and instead of explaining it, we’ll quote his own words. We highlighted the statements that really moved us: There’s something about old raw footage that makes it “raw”. We entered this jam Secret Warz and won, we were only Breaking for about 2 yrs and I stopped for awhile before this event until I… Read more

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