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When anyone asks you, “..but what about when you get older?” in regards to your dance, don’t reply to them. They might not understand, but in your head one of the names that should come to mind is Poe One. Poe is 43/44 years old and still going as strong as ever. A true definition of what a “bboy” is meant to represent. Poe does it all and does it with style. The flow, the… Read more

“It’s For Us” Documentary by Tek TKPROINC

‘It’s For Us’ is a documentary by Tek Self X Crew (Chicago) that takes us on a incredible 7 city, 2 country journey highlighting the rawness and beauty of hip hop culture in its purest form. The documentary takes us on a roller coaster ride from Chicago, to Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, New York, and finally ending in Montpellier, France. The beauty of the documentary, what makes it truly special, is the fact that the artists are being true to… Read more

The Rise of a New ERA

This is a letter from the new generation addressed to those with us in our generation. This culture is a culture that has paved a way for us to follow and explore new dimensions in the art of bboying its self. We are privileged to have those before us that have set a bar to meet and hopefully surpass with new innovations to it, but still preserving the originality and quality it had when it… Read more

Marlon: The Starving Artist, The Truthful Man

This blog takes us back to May of 2001. I was a young bboy looking forward to seeing his favorite crew (HaviKORO) compete at Pro-Am 2001. Waiting at the Ramada hotel lobby for the event to start, a famous bboy came to my table and decided to sit down and chill with me. That bboy was Marlon of HaviKORO. I was a fan of his after seeing footage of Freestyle Session 5 and the Flavor… Read more

The Bboy Spot pic of the Day dedication

Inspired by the #CreateDaily Revolution, The Bboy Spot created the now popular #BBSpicoftheDay hashtag in hopes of creating awareness for #CreateDaily and highlight certain individuals who are truly doing it right. Since we started 3 months ago we have chosen 15 pictures from bboys across the world who took some amazing shots. World famous bboys like Palmer (#CreateDaily founder), Rox Rite, El Nino and Moy have been featured, other not so famous bboys have also been selected… Read more

Roxrite “Moments”

Red Bull has been on the move as of late, providing so many different genres of interest with really dope content ranging from full on productions to simple videos drawn on a whim. I was checking Vimeo for some new video clips and came across a video from user George Mays featuring Roxrite in Red bull’s video series, “Moments”. It’s a pretty dope series that highlights many of the people that Red bull follows throughout… Read more


It has been said that culture transcends into sports, and Hip Hop culture is no exception to that. In the late 80’s, the Hip Hop revolution found its way into sports. First we saw N.W.A and their usage of L.A Raiders gear, but it was not until 5 college freshmen players took the country by storm that “Hip Hop” arrived into the sports mainstream. The University Of Michigan recruited 5 of the nations top seniors… Read more

The Inspiration of Bruce Lee

He’s been a huge source of inspiration in much of our work, and more importantly in our daily lives. Aside from being known as one of the most influential martial artists of all time, Bruce Lee has long been remembered for inspiring through his philosophies, teachings, and beliefs. In honor of what would be Bruce Lee’s 72nd birthday, we decided to compile some of our favorite quotes and proverbs from the man himself. His words will forever… Read more

Spike Lee presents: Michael Jackson ‘BAD 25’

Three days ago the official trailer was released for Spike Lee’s much anticipated documentary, BAD 25, which focuses on the behind-the-scenes production of Michael Jackson’s BAD album on it’s 25th anniversary. To complete the documentary, Spike Lee is said to have compiled archived footage from music video shoots and studio sessions, as well as interviews with friends and those with those who worked closely with Michael Jackson on his projects. “We have footage in this documentary that… Read more

INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO: Rudimental – “Not Giving In” ft. John Newman & Alex Clare

This video is a great example of the choices in life one can make, and how one moment can change our lives forever. Many of us can relate because we came from the ghettos, we had abusive home lives, and know what it is like to have to steal to eat. For me, growing up as a kid in the poor neighborhoods of Mexico City, this video touched me. It hit home in many ways. Breaking and Hiphop… Read more

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