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Mix Mondays: Ervin Arana – Cypher Adikts Mix Tape

Here at The Bboy Spot we want our front page to be a source for all things in our culture including a source of good music.  We will be posting monthly quality mixes, new and classic from DJs that are putting in work.  I will start off the series with something I’ve been personally practicing to at my weekly Bboy sessions. Coming from Long Beach California, Ervin Arana has been one of the top DJ in… Read more

Music Matters: Lean Rock’s Story Behind the Break Em Off’ EP

Music has been a major topic within our culture lately and it should be since it is the back bone of the dance. The music is the foundation behind everything we do, without it there is no dance. For the past few years Lean Rock has been working with a talented group of producers and musician to create quality music for the culture. Check out his story as he shares with us the struggles he had… Read more


Years ago I asked myself why good rap/Hiphop music can no longer be on the mainstream. We all have that question and an answer to go with it. My question took me back to the summer of 1997. That summer I bought the Wu Tang Forever double disk “enhanced CD” (BTW, The enhanced CD pass code to unlock the features was STANLEY CUPS). All I did that summer was listen to Wu Tang. I would… Read more


With all the talk about the direction of music in our scene, we want to introduce to you a new group called Fenoms that is creating quality music from within our culture. Fenoms is a duo composed of Daniel “Felix” Garcia (drummer of South Florida Funk band FUSIK) and Andrews “Nonms” Mujica (percussionist and drummer of Miami’s own Hip Hop group ¡Mayday!). Felix and Nonms have been seasoned musicians and band mates in various projects… Read more

Rap Rhymes: The good, the bad, the ugly

Funny videos of “world famous” rappers trying to freestyle have been popping up online left and right. We gathered a few to showcase the difference, but 1st we have a few of actual dope MC laying it down… The GOOD: Mos Def. Black Thought & Eminem Professional NBA Basketball player Damian Lillard got rhymes. The BAD: Riff Raff THE UGLY: Iggy Azalea THE FUNNY Lil Wayne vs Kevin Heart

Things Done Changed: Wu-Tang’s Prophecies of Hiphop

Back in June of 1997, The much anticipated album WU-TANG FOREVER dropped and did not disappoint. The follow up to 36 Chambers lived up to the hype and then some. A huge part of the double cd was disc one and disc two intro’s. Our blog will focus on DISC TWO INTRO and the wise words of THE RZA being applied in BREAKING TERMS OF TODAY. RZA’s prophecies broke down what Hiphop Culture as whole was to become…. Read more

Macklemore’s Bboy track

Last week, rapper Macklemore won 4 grammys. I don’t care much about commercial award shows since today’s commercial Hiphop “artists” are not producing much “art”. His win ended up causing a racial controversy that led to Macklemore stating an apology for winning. Couple days later, I was having a conversation with a friend on facebook where we were going back and forth, with me saying how much Macklamore sucks and him saying he does not. I… Read more

The evolution of MF DOOM. By VICE

I’ll say this up front MF DOOM is my favorite artist. I don’t care how many people disagree or say something about how “typical” it is of me..or even how he sent fake versions of himself to do shows because he couldn’t make the appearance. During a time when I thought I had listened to all the good hip hop there was and the label RAWKUS was dead…DOOM emerged  for me. Lyrically one of the… Read more

De La Soul feat. The spirit of the Wu Tang

People complain about hiphop nowadays and how they miss the golden era. Well fortunately for all of us there is De La Soul. The group plans to release about one single every month in order to combat the industry and it’s saturation of mixtapes and street releases. In their latest single they sampled the intro from Disc 2 of the infamous WU TANG: FOREVER album and made magic. I’d say its probably one of the… Read more

Beats & Breaks

Breaks, the common root shared in our culture. I’m talking about percussion, bass, drums, that sound that makes you just want to get loose. DJs have been looping and sampling the instrumentals ever since the beginning of Hip Hop. Although there is one question that comes to mind: why the breaks? Why are bboys/bgirls drawn to this style of music? The answer is simple. We are human. Far before the first bboy even hit a… Read more

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