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Red Bull presents: Parallels Breaking vs Skateboarding


This vid was brought to my attention and when I saw it, I knew I had to share it. For far too long has Breaking and skateboarding been compare, two sub cultures born around the same time in different coast. Hiphop Culture has inspired the skateboarding scene since the late 80′s. Shout outs to Kid David for being part of this great project.

My Life – Daniel Zhu – Stance


Our good homie decided to film a short clip of what his life consist of.  Daniel and I have been friends now for 5 years and spent a lot of time together discussing the Breaking community and traveling from jam to jam. His first work for us was back in 09 for Outbreak 5 Hiphop festival. We then decided to fly him out to Outbreak 6/7/8 and Outbreak 10 Hiphop festival. Check out Daniels story here: Some of Daniel’s… Read more

Thunder Soul: Kashmere Stage Band Documentary

Thunder Soul

Felix, Unique Styles Crew member and drummer of FUSIK introduced us to a sick documentary called THUNDER SOUL. We’ve all heard their songs, especially the one below, but I knew nothing about the band known as The Kashmere Stage Band. As the documentary went on, it truly shocked me to learn that it was a group of high school kids playing the music! All these years of listening to the song thinking it was men… Read more

Book Recommendation: Tao Of Wu


If you’ve been to The Spot or have seen any of our Strife TV ‘Cribs’ videos on Youtube, you may have noticed the pretty massive hip hop related book collection that we have on display in the ‘lounge’ area. We LOVE books, and one of my favorites is Tao Of Wu, which was written by the RZA in 2009. I’ve known of this book for years, and although I’ve skimmed through it numerous times at… Read more

Break’ N Reality Season 2


Break’N Reality Season 2 brings you 4 breakers living the lifestyle in pursuit of four different dreams. Rox Rite – The Professional.  Determined to become one of the greatest bboys to have ever lived. Rox looks at our community as the staple to get it done. Traveling the world on a weekly basis, Rox judges, teaches and competes as he continues to engrave his mark in breakin history. Kid David – The Star At the tender age of 17, The… Read more

Handstand: Breaking Boundaries


Handstand depicts the coming of age of a young generation in Egypt that is trying to carve a place out for its love of breaking in a generally un-accepting society. Not only is dancing frowned upon and viewed as socially unacceptable, but making it a career is considered second only to suicide in the conservative Arab state. From sidewalk battles, Egypt’s B-Boy culture grows and a breaking community begins to form around it with more dancers (B-Boys… Read more

All Out War


Somewhere in the world right now, two people are using every ounce of their strength, passion and creativity to destroy each other in combat. This ritual can be witnessed in any city from N.Y. to Shanghai. As most of you know, it’s called battling, and it’s the main pillar of one of modern history’s most explosive subcultures: b-boying.

 All Out War has been a passion project of mine for years now. Growing up in the… Read more

Award Winning Documentary Film Among B-Boys Airs on Public Television during the Month of May!


In May 2011, my documentary film Among B-Boys – that shares stories about the intersection of breaking and Hip Hop culture, and the Central California and Midwest Hmong youth community – premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. From there it would garner the audience choice award for best documentary, and quietly embark on a tour of niche Asian American film festivals, college campuses, and community centers, around the country. We’ve been celebrated… Read more

Yo! The Story Of Yo! MTV Raps


Back in June, Vh1 released a documentary on the TV series Yo! MTV Raps, which aired on MTV from 1988-1995. I’m sure most of you are familiar with it, but for those of you who may have been too young at the time or couldn’t catch the show overseas, Yo! MTV Raps was the first television show completely dedicated to hip hop. It featured live performances and guest appearances by everyone from Eric B & Rakim, Run… Read more

Big Fun in the Big Town dvd (trailer)


For more than 25 years the footage from this documentary has never really been available for purchase stateside until now. Big fun in the Big town is a Hiphop documentary filmed during 1 week in New York city, in the the year 1986 by Dutch film maker Bram Van Splunteren. Originally filmed for Dutch TV, there really are no words to describe the footage you’re about to see in this trailer– truly mind blowing. A very… Read more

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