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“How To Break for A Lifetime” with Moy

As Red Bull BC One World Finals approaches this weekend, I was looking at the line up and was excited to see Moy in the mix with many competitors of today’s generation. When my crew, Unique Styles Crew, was coming up in the scene, HaviKoro was one of the crews we always looked up to. Moy was always one that stood out. Back in 1999 we remember when HaviKoro was making noise at Freestyle Session… Read more

Words from the wise: Hiphop Icon – Phase 2

A few weeks back I (Mex) shared a few words that I used to explain to my student. I was explaining why someoneone should break a certain way if they want to claim that they’re a bboy/bgirl. The words received so much attention that I decided to turn them into a blog post, which in turn, got major attention. In fact, the blog got so much attention that it reached a Hiphop Icon, a legend…. Read more

Words from the Wise: DJ Renegade – A message to ALL DJ’s in the community

Our good friend DJ Renegade is often dropping knowledge on Facebook. At times we agree and at times we don’t, but we surely endorse the message below: Another biggie for today. I could die in the night and this would be left unsaid. So… A message to my event DJs… Please. Be better. Why do you do this? This artform, which I’ve been passionate about for 30 years…I take it very seriously. Many of you… Read more

Words from the wise: What is not Hip Hop dance

In 2012, O.G legend Mr. Wiggles wrote some wise words regarding a trend going on in the community today. While in his statement he used the word “exploitation”, I would like to add the word “miseducation”. The ignorance going on do to the miseducation among the younger generation is distorting history and years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of those who have dedicated decades to better our community.


It’s safe to say that the Battle of the Gods sparked major interest from older heads, to get back on it. From what I read some felt a sense of entitlement, but have not been around much. As a younger dude I know my place and can’t speak on it but one of the illest to ever do it in Europe can. Freeze from Ghost Crew is one of EU’s true O.G’s and he put… Read more


I’ve been saying it for too long, people are dancing but they are not Top Rocking. Breaking is a dance and Top Rock is the on top dance part of our culture. Let’s keep it Breaking people….. Check out what Alien Ness had to say.

Words From The Wise: Tyrone of IBE speaks.

We have all seen the video below. The media has too and they have taking it to a new level. “A dutch newspaper posted the Terra vs Leelou, Chelles Pro Battle on their website and headlined it: “Kiddie humilitiates boy”….. How do we protect our youngest dancers ( in this case 6 and 12 yrs) old) from these kind of sensation media and the amounts of shameless quotes on youtube? Promoters, parents, dancers maybe it’s time… Read more


“Dear brothers in the art. There is an increasingly popular dance category called Top Rock. I’m not going to get into the debate of whether it is a valid style or not. Some old schoolers object and thats fine but the fact is that it exists. There are workshops for it. There are competitions for it. It is being judged around the world and has been since at least Mighty Four many years ago. Maybe it’s a novelty but… Read more

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