CETOWY DAY at The Bboy Spot…please support!

This Saturday we are honoring a great friend in need. Bboy Cetowy of Polskee Favor (Poland) is fighting for his life after a tragic accident. Medical bills are steady rising and Cetowy and his family need our support! 100% of Saturdays profit from sales in both our World and Europe webstores will be donated towards his medical expenses. Cetowy is one of Europe’s brightest community leaders and is responsible for many community events and functions. Please find it in your heart to support him.

To read more about his story and current condition, go here: http://www.fundacjatwojapasja.pl/bboycetowy-english/

To support, please purchase from our web stores below:
WORLD STORE: http://www.thebboyspot.com/store/
EUROPE STORE: http://www.thebboyspot.eu/store/

His condition and needs are time sensitive, so please help spread the word by sharing this information on your FB, Twitter, blogs, and other social networks. Every bit helps and is appreciated greatly. Thank you for supporting this great cause!

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