A few months back we had an open discussion about the current state of the Bgirls in the Breakin community. I never really gave my (Mex) opinion on it, so here it is.

No one is keeping anyone down. This community is not a Bgirls vs Bboys community. We are one and as one we must work together. The whole male vs female mentality must die out. This artform is bigger than that. Sure, it may be dominated by males but its not like guys are tying down anyone’s hand to stop them. I’ve always felt that we need more Bgirl leaders to rise up and make things happen. Not just for Bgirls but for breaking in general. Instead of excluding themselves, Bgirls, its about including yourselves. Below is a perfect example of that.

Words from Cros One:

The bgirl battles have been heating up last year I reached out to Zahra Jeskilz Hamani and she was really instrumental in making it work. Last year we started with the 2 vs 2 and this year we decided on doing a solo battle. She’s been reaching out to bgirls to figure out how what why we should do what we been doing. We get the consensus talk it over and figure it out. Its a work in progress really. I wanted to present the winner of this years Bgirl Battle with this ring cause it represents so much. It represents a lifetime of work. Looking forward to see whats to come with the Bgirl Battles this year and years to come….few things different from the Crew version 1. The king crown is a Queen crown 2. Does not say World Champions it says World Champion.

Words from Jskilz:

Hyper than ever for this year’s Freestyle Session USA World Finals .Few months ago I approached Chris Wright in regards to making changes to the previous bgirl battle format in hopes to create an even better platform and experience for everyone involved and I must say it’s been a real pleasure going through the process with him. Everything suggested he took in concideration and agreed to with real interest and enthusiasm, even went a step further by including this super official ill gold ring for the bgirl winner. This trophy represents a major statement, the kind of achievement you can proudly wear every single day! Pay attention to the details that queen crown is looking legit!!! Makes me wish i could enter (lol) but it’s all about the bigger picture and on the flip side i’m supper honored to had been chosen as one of the judges on the main panel.
I hope that everyone out there can recognize and appreciate these major steps taken towards offering Bgirls equal exposure, opportunities and values SPECIALLY us bgirls by not taking this for granted! Ladies must show up deep and rep if we want more positive changes to keep happening so please make plans and spread the word!
Nov 12th & 13th in Los Angeles,CA Freestyle Session World Finals is definitely the place to be!

Check out what the Bgirls will be winning:

If Jskilz can reach out to Cros One and mix things up for the bgirls at one of the biggest events in the world, why cant more girls take charge and work together? “You go as far as your network takes you” I believe in this 100%.

Cant wait to see the talent pool at Freestyle Session World Finals.

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