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Since the year 2000, the bboy community has changed a lot. We have gone from jam after jam and concept after concept but no one has taken any time to take things back to it’s roots. In January of 2011, someone finally decided it was time to bring that back. Jeskilz created Cypher Adikts, a bboy/bgirl party jam that was set out NOT to go against competitions but bring a source of balance to the community.

Last week Cypher Adikts released its official web-page The site gives an in-depth look on the mission of Cypher Adikts, cypher footage and gives light to bboys and bgirls who represent the mentality and approach to the fullest.

Check out out full interview with Jeskilz here. Shout outs to her and Cypher Adikts official DJ Ervin Arana.

We are proud to support and represent the Cypher Adikts movement.

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