TBT: “Uprising: Hip-Hop and the LA Riots” on VH1

This piece was originally published on 11/25/14

This past Sunday marked the 20-year anniversary of the infamous Los Angeles Riots that resulted from the jury decision involving the beating of Rodney King. Complete and utter chaos took over Los Angeles as thousands of people began stealing, assaulting, burning, and even murdering all over L.A. 54 people were killed and thousands of people were injured as a result of the LA riots. If you know anyone living in L.A. around this time, ask them as they will all have a unique story to tell you.

While I’d like to jump into some research and present you all with stories, VH1’s documentary titled, Uprising: Hip-hop and the LA Riots airs tonight at 9PM Eastern Standard time will probably be a better look, plus it’s produced and narrated by Snoop Dogg so that’s an automatic win. We’ll all be watching it so definitely tune in!

Edit: Missed the episode? VH1 has it available ON DEMAND on their website HERE.

Check out the trailer below. Warning: Video has explicit language

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  1. spaces says:

    Here’s a Story my homie Basis/Perpetual Rebel had about the Riots: “People often bug out when I tell them I actually saw the start of the 1992 Uprising in Los Angeles. At the time, I was a junior at North Hollywood High School, and If I recall correctly, we would take to the 101 to the Harbor and get off in SCLA and snake a bit west. Being that I now lived in Inglewood, the school bus would drop me off at the L.A./Inglewood boundary at Manchester and Prairie, and I would have about a nine block stroll to my apartment on Arbor Vitae and Flower Street. We always traveled west down Florence after a drop off on Main and made a left turn heading south on Normandie to Manchester, then west. Well on this particular day, as we wait a bit longer than usual to make that left turn, I’m looking at (what I assume to be) the 8-Tray Gangstas walk out of the liquor store on the north east corner walk out laughing with cases upon case of Old English 800. I thought that was super odd because it was broad daylight, but jacking a Korean liquor owner in the ‘hood, in the 90’s, would not have been a watershed activity. We finally turn, and I went back to getting my Aiwa Walkman together and dragging out my Das Efx tape out for the walk ahead. I exit at my destination. As I’m walking up Prairie, an older gentleman stops me and asked I heard the verdict. As most youth of the time were, I could not give a fuck less about anything that did not revolve around tunes, gear, girls and at the time graffiti. He informed me that the officers involved in the beating of Rodney King were found not guilty. The gravity of the situation was simply shrugged off in my youth and ignorance, and probably mumbled something in acknowledgment and gratitude to the brother for blessing me with a factoid that had no bearing whatsoever on me or my life. I finally make it back to the lab, and turn on the huge (ha) 19” TV in my room that my dad had just bought a week earlier, and trying to find my program that I normally watched, and on every station, it was footage of that corner I was just on. My father made it in shortly thereafter and we watched together in awe. Shortly thereafter, I went to the room, and I called my man Andre to discuss what was unfolding before us….. “

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