Clip Of The Day: 444 Movie


Today’s Clip Of The Day is perhaps one of the most inspiring videos we’ve ever seen, to say the very least. As we all know, the past year has been an extremely challenging journey for Steelo and his family, one which they’ve undoubtedly taken on with incredible amounts of strength, courage, and faith. After suffering a brain aneurysm which he underwent emergency surgery for last June, Steelo miraculously endured a total of three ruptures which resulted in the loss of his ability to walk and speak. With the support of his beautiful wife, Penelope, family members, and friends, Steelo is currently making progress in an extensive rehabilitation program where doctors are helping him relearn basic functions.

The 444 Movie documents Steelo’s unbelievable journey and how the dance community came together to raise money in support of his wife and son.



In addition, we’d also like to mention that on Tuesday, May 1st, Steelo will be telling his story & performing with friends on Dancing With The Stars! We will definitely be tuned in, and encourage you all to do so as well.

4 God – 4 Love – 4 Dance


-The Bboy Spot Fam

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