Community 1st: Moy’s Interview about ‘Create Your Escape’ on Fox News

About a month back, we featured Moy and the Break Free Community Center’s ‘Create Your Escape’ fundraiser, which aims to provide a FREE yearly dance program to children ages 5 and up in the Houston,Texas area. At that time, Moy and his friend were interviewed on a local news program called ‘Hola Houston’, on which they shared their vision for the community center and their goals for the new dance program, which kicked off earlier this year.

Moy was recently interviewed on ‘Hola Houston’ again, this time explaining a little more in depth where all of the proceeds from the fundraiser go. The program now has over 60 students enrolled, who are being educated on the history of the dance, basic to advanced techniques, successful training tips, healthy living, creative expression, and more….all free of charge through the ‘Create Your Escape’ program.

This is all possible through fundraisers and the support of the community. For more information on their mission and to find out how you can contribute to this great cause, check out the official fundraiser page here. You can also learn more about how the BFCC is making a difference in their community at, and through their Facebook page at


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