The Bboy Spot venue is quickly becoming a hotbed for Hiphop related events in Orlando FL. The 5,000 square feet venue comes equipped with a 9ft x 15ft stage, a mega sound system, club lighting and 4,000 sq-ft of dance floor . We have a back stage room with a private living area, kitchen and restrooms. An outdoors area is also available if needed.

Since its opening in November 2011, The Spot has hosted numerous Bboy events: New Kidz on da Rock, OUTBREAK 7 HIPHOP FESTIVAL, Friday Night Jams and Civil Wars. (Outbreak 7 was an indoor/outdoor event that brought together over 1,200 Hiphop heads from all over the world.)

The Spot was also host to the 9th Wonder in Orlando show presented by Its Our Show Radio. For those of you who don’t know 9th Wonder….Google him. Recently, we held Lounge Battles presented by GrindTimeNOW, the world’s largest Hiphop battle league. In the near future, we are set to hold DunkXchange Orlando and many other major events.

The Spot is available for rental Friday – Sunday for Hiphop related events such as:

  • Bboy events / workshops
  • DJ Events
  • MC events
  • Graffiti events or art show expos.
  • Special event trade shows such as Vinyl, sneakers / street wear conventions.
  • We can also hold live bands and small concerts.

Interested in renting The Spot? Please drop us an email and let us know what you have in mind.

Note: ALL events that take place must be Hiphop related in some way or the other.

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